Flames have reached the town of Cuglieri – Sardinia

Flames have reached the town of Cuglieri – Sardinia
Flames have reached the town of Cuglieri – Sardinia

Witness, ‘we are going to nearby centers’

“The flames reached the central square of the town, in front of the seminary and near the post office”. To tell the ANSA is one of the residents of Cuglieri (Oristano) who with his family left his home to move to one of the nearby towns.
“They diverted us to Sennariolo, but it seems that the fire front is moving again”. The firefighters are coordinating all the interventions on the spot. Highway 292 North West of Sardinia is also closed.

FEAR IN SENNARIOLO – “The fire is not affecting the town, but the flames are not too far from the town”. The statement of the mayor of Sennariolo, Giambattista Ledda, reached by telephone by ANSA, while coordinating the actions in his municipal territory in the north of the province of Oristano, is concise.

Currently the flames do not seem to be moving, also because the wind has dropped. Meanwhile, the people removed from their homes in Cuglieri – where the fire from Santu Lussurgiu had managed to skip a fire barrier – found refuge in the Sennariolo gym (about a hundred people). Others went to friends and relatives in the neighboring centers, while the local Carabinieri and the patrols of the Oristano Police Headquarters and those of the Traffic Police are all committed to supporting the interventions. The people who were removed from their homes in Santu Lussurgiu would instead return to their homes.


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Flames reached town Cuglieri Sardinia

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