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Italy moves in the middle of the night, gives a leathery and pugnacious performance, he paws for four rotations and now he can really dream big. The National women’s gymnastics team shines in the first subdivision of Olympic qualifiers of Tokyo 2021, packs a test that is simply impeccable from a technical and competitive point of view, practically nothing is wrong and closes in command, managing to do better than Japan landlord! At this point the girls of DT Enrico Casella can seriously aim for qualification for the team final, but a day in apnea awaits us to find out if we will be among the magnificent eight who will return to the platform on Tuesday to play for medals.

Among a thousand difficulties, after an extremely complicated approach to the Games due to multiple vicissitudes, the blue ones shine in the most important moment of the last five years. Coming out of a first Olympic subdivision with a total of 163,330 is truly remarkable, the Japanese remain behind with 162,662. Two years have passed since the bronze in the 2019 World Cup team event, the team has changed in some elements, but today we have seen what we wanted: a compact, precise, clean formation, capable of supporting itself in any difficulty and emerging brilliantly. The driving force was once again Vanessa Ferrari, an impeccable captain who sacrificed himself for the team (he replaced the injured Giorgia Villa) and offered a sample of indisputable class to the free body, among other things when the Japanese were looking to overtake.

The Brescian, in her fourth participation in the Olympics, enchants her favorite tool and clearly reiterates that can aim for a five-circle medal. The Butterfly of Orzinuovi is enhanced on the notes of “Con te partirò”, the piece by Andrea Bocelli adopted specifically for the occasion, and prints four simply masterful acrobatic diagonals: Silivas, tempo-Tsukahara, stretched forward stopped, double crop. The 30-year-old gets a bombastic 14,166 (5.9 the D Score), she places herself in the lead momentarily to the specialty ranking e mortgage a place for the final: now you can really dream, because the blue has confirmed to be in a state of impeccable form and finally wants to get on the podium after the bitter fourth places of the last two editions.

The three fairies side by side with the veteran, all at their Olympic debut, did really well. Alice D’Amato she roared at the parallels (14.233), she printed an excellent double spin on the vault (14.233), she managed to defend herself on the beam (12.600) and in the free body she closed with 13.033 to overtake Japan. Asia D’Amato unfortunately she fell on the Tabac in the free body (11.833, also exiting the platform), but otherwise she was excellent: the best at the beam (13.133), dty at the table (14.233), concrete on the bars (13.933). Martina Maggio once again demonstrated its completeness on the complete lap: 14.100, 13.700, 13.066, 12.700. The best all-around is Alice D’Amato with 54.199, even beating a champion like Mai Murakami (53.965), while Martina Maggio is third (53.566): the final of the general competition is certain for the two blues. Lara Mori competed as an individualist: 13,400 to the free body on the notes of Queen (it is third behind Murakami’s 13,933, for the final it is really difficult), 12,133 to the beam.

Italy now awaits the next four subdivisions to find out what its fate will be. We need to beat at least three other teams to get into the team final: Germany and Spain should be behind us, we will do the race against Holland, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Canada. USA, Russia and China are unattainable.

Photo: Lapresse

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