Temptation island, Manuela and Stefano: a new report

Temptation Island

New report on the most talked about couple of the famous Canale 5 program: this is what is happening

Published on July 24, 2021

New report on the most discussed couple of Temptation Island, that is that of Manuela e Stefano. Once again to relaunch the updates about the two co-protagonists of the Canale 5 program was in the last hours the influencer Deianira Marzano.

A few weeks ago the volcanic campaign had leaked that the most talked about boyfriends of the new edition of the program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia have been sighted together with the sea in Brindisi. Between them it seemed that everything was back to normal.

But things must have changed since then. Since in the last few hours Marzano has relaunched a report that was sent to her by one of her followers where she talks about Manuela. The message reads that the girl was sighted alone while he ate at the pizzeria De Matteis in Brindisi.

According to the user’s report, Manuela would have hinted that between her and Stefano things did not go Well. And it seems that he also said: “I still love him even if he’s a bitch“. The reporter went on to say that her pizza neighbors would tell her that Stefano was arrogant from an early age.

Before leaving the pizzeria Manuela would have told the reporter to watch the episode because there will be a grand finale. And now many are waiting for the broadcast of the next episode of Temptation Island.

In the fifth episode of the famous Mediaset share program, the relationship between Manuela and Stefano undergoes a strong shake. In fact, the girl will let herself go into the arms of the single Luciano. But it won’t be just pampering and sweet looks.

Between the two there is also a kiss. The relationship toxicity level between Manuela and Stefano it really reaches exasperating levels. The accusations chase each other’s malice. In short, with these assumptions there are many who do not see well the couple’s exit together. On the contrary.

To know what will happen to the couple, all that remains is to see the next appointment of Temptation Island, Monday 26 July in prime time on Canale 5.

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