Yara dies at 16

Yara dies at 16
Yara dies at 16

Yara Gattavecchi, 16, died this afternoon at the Le Scotte hospital in Siena where she was hospitalized in very serious condition after being hit by a car. The accident dates back to the night between Thursday and Friday in the Sienese area: a friend of the young victim was driving the car, from what she learned not yet eighteen and without a license. The police are still investigating the exact dynamics of the accident, but according to an initial reconstruction, the girl would have made a mistake in engaging the gear, engaging the first instead of reverse.

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Everything happened in the private square of some houses: the sixteen year old would have been hit by the car in maneuver. The condition of the young woman immediately appeared very serious. Immediate intervention by the 118 health workers who ordered the transfer to the Le Scotte hospital in Siena. The young woman underwent a lengthy surgery and was hospitalized in intensive care where she died today.


Yara dies

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