Vaccine, boom in bookings. Regions in trouble: “We need more doses”

Vaccine, boom in bookings. Regions in trouble: “We need more doses”
Vaccine, boom in bookings. Regions in trouble: “We need more doses”

There is no sign of the “Draghi effect” on the bookings of anti-Covid vaccines subsiding. In fact, the numbers of those who line up to receive the first dose continue to grow region by region. In Lazio, for example, there were “over 80 thousand, almost tenfold in the last 48 hours,” explained the regional health councilor Alessio D’Amato. Not only. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, in two days, we went from an average of 4,000 bookings to about 12,500. Similar situation in Emilia Romagna, with bookings skyrocketed to 3,500 per day, as well as in the Marche region. In Campania, on the other hand, there was an increase of 100% in a few hours, a bit like in Calabria. But numbers of this type, which highlight the race for appointments, come from the entire Peninsula with nuances that vary “from 15 to 200 percent”, as underlined by the Commissioner for the Emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

A surge that is easily recognizable also in the calendars of new appointments. In some territories, in fact, the new bookings already largely overlap August 6, which is the watershed date that will mark the entry into force of the new rules on the Green Pass. If in Lazio the situation appears to be manageable after all with the appointments still scheduled within the first two weeks of August, in Lombardy, for example, we book for the first days of September. However, the situation in Italy is varied because it is subject to an infinite number of variables. Not only the shifts of the staff of the hubs (particularly difficult in August) but also the programming already made for the recalls, and above all the availability of the vaccines themselves.

Vaccine, the stocks of the Regions

For the moment, numbers in hand, the stocks available to the Regions also seem sufficient to withstand the new shock wave caused by the Green Pass. In the refrigerators of the vaccination centers there are about 4 million doses, of which almost 1.6 are intended only for over 60s (they are AstraZeneca or J&J vials) and the rest for mRna (about 500 thousand Modenra doses and 1.9 million Pfizer-BionTech) . In addition, as early as next week, but for the entire month of August, about 3.5 million doses are expected to be delivered every 7 days.

More or less the exact current requirement considering the average pace we are keeping of about 450 thousand weekly doses. In addition, in spite of what happened in the two central weeks of July, in the first days of next month the scheduled recalls will also significantly decrease and, therefore, there will be more ampoules available for the first doses. It is no coincidence that he is starting to push again with the Open Nights, which allow access to vaccinations without going through the reservation.

Liguria, for example, made 4 injections this week (with 15,000 injections) and has already planned to replicate in a few days. The idea is to benefit young people who have recently accessed appointments and are showing that they want to get immunized. So much so that in the last week they received the first dose or the single dose because they were cured, almost 350,000 under 30s, 118,000 of whom were very young between 12 and 19 years. Three times that of adults between 50 and 69 years, whose vaccinated in the last seven days were 124,000.

With the increase in bookings, the pressure of the governors on the Commissioner to obtain an increasing number of vials has also restarted. “An increase in equipment is essential” remarked Alberto Cirio, president of Piedmont, after seeing bookings “double”. A line that the governors have been advocating for some time, claiming that they can easily push the average administration well beyond 450 thousand if only they had them available.

For the moment, however, these are the contracts and supplies. More is really difficult to do, unless you start producing vaccines in the factories of the Peninsula. A game this, which as you know is still very open. To the point that on Friday evening the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti met the leaders of Moderna together with General Figliuolo. The negotiations to develop an Italian vaccine production (no longer just the filling) are now well underway and will see the centrality of the Catalent plants, distributed between Anagni and the province of Frosinone.


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