the request of the principals of Lazio

the request of the principals of Lazio
the request of the principals of Lazio

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July 24, 2021 1:13 pm

On the day of the first demonstrations against the compulsory green pass, the request for an extension of the mandatory nature of the document arrives. It is the association of Lazio principals that ask that “all those who attend schools, from suppliers to janitors, from teachers to students’ parents, must have a Green pass: if you want to enter, you are either vaccinated or swab. And It is essential to prove that you are not a carrier of the virus. We cannot put children or teachers at risk “. Speaking to AdnKronos is Mario Rusconi, president of the Lazio presidents.

“In the Region – underlines Rusconi – the percentage of No Vax is minimal, there will be a few hundred. Not getting vaccinated is a negative example of young people who must have faith in science and institutions. No Vax teachers should review scientific notions. last year civic education was also reintroduced: going against the vaccine means going against a pillar of community living “.

Protests instead come from restaurateurs. Claudio Pica, president of Fiepet-Confesercenti and vice president of national Confesercenti: “It is a measure that bends the back of the many Roman companies in the catering sector, which with great difficulty have rolled up their sleeves to keep their activities standing during the pandemic emergency. The green pass, to consume at the indoor tables of bars and restaurants, is a slap in the face to the freedom of business, to the operators who have regularized their premises by respecting the anti Covid devices from the beginning. he economy of Rome and Lazio, to a precious segment that will lose 100 million euros, calculating that only in Rome at least 25% – including bars and restaurants – have no outdoor areas or tables. From greasers to scapegoats … it is unacceptable that after a year and a half are still the operators and restaurateurs to be penalized. In addition to having already asked for a meeting as requested by the national Confesercenti, we launch an appeal to the Government – on which s we will also ensibilize the mayor Raggi and the president of the Lazio Region Zingaretti – so that Prime Minister Draghi will review this and reverse ”.


request principals Lazio

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