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EXPLOSIVE SUNDAY, Violent Storms and CLOUDS They will hit part of ITALY. The areas at risk »

EXPLOSIVE SUNDAY, Violent Storms and CLOUDS They will hit part of ITALY. The areas at risk »
EXPLOSIVE SUNDAY, Violent Storms and CLOUDS They will hit part of ITALY. The areas at risk »

Weather: EXPLOSIVE SUNDAY, Violent storms and CLOUDS They will hit part of ITALY. The areas at risk

SUNDAY with STRONG TEMPORALS and CLOUDSLet’s get ready for one Sunday really explosive on the meteorological front, with a slice of Italy that will be hit by rain, temporal and violent venues storms.

All the fault of a vortex cyclonic that after having scrambled some areas of the North, is moving towards the noon leaving behind a very agitated atmosphere.
On the other hand, the withdrawal of African high pressure to its homelands can only leave our country vulnerable to threats coming from the Atlantic. A parenthesis was thus opened weather forecastclimatic different from the last few days, and certainly not characterized by boiling stability. In short, every now and then a little break is always welcome, especially for lovers of fresh food.

But let’s go now to see what will happen in that of Sunday 18 July and in particular what the zone more risk bad weather.
Given the shift of the cyclonic vortex to the south, it seems obvious that the areas most at risk will be precisely those of noon. Already from the first light of day the bad weather will especially envelop the Puglia more northerly, the inland areas of Basilicata and, to go down, many corners of the Calabria and the north of Sicily. Here, locally background showers will already be possible thunderstorm.
Drier the weather elsewhere, sometimes even sunny al North and on many areas of the Center.

The most active phase of the bad weather it will focus especially on afternoon and once again at the expense of the regions southerners. Eyes on the area of ​​the lower Tyrrhenian: it will be here where we expect precipitation at times even important with strong temporal and local storms. The Tyrrhenian sectors of the Calabria and much of the northern coast of the Sicily. Other showers thunderstorms may however hit the inland areas of the Basilicata up to the ionic compartments of the Puglia and insist until late in the evening. It should be noted, as often happens in this kind of configurations, that i phenomena however they will tend to distribute if fit very much irregular resulting also difficult to locate in the forecasting stage. In short, do not be surprised if there will be some territorial handkerchiefs more affected than others, this is one of the main characteristics of the phases of bad summer weather.

There will then be another slice of the country that will continue to enjoy a further and general improvement as the North and to follow much of the Center especially the Tyrrhenian area where the sun, slowly, will become more and more protagonist, a prelude to this one new week where the high pressure could return to raise the voice. But we will give you more details about this in the next updates.


EXPLOSIVE SUNDAY Violent Storms CLOUDS hit part ITALY areas risk ILMETEOit

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