Dead Space Remake will “respect” the original (but there will be cuts)

Dead Space Remake will “respect” the original (but there will be cuts)
Dead Space Remake will “respect” the original (but there will be cuts)

In the frame ofEA Play a short teaser of Dead Space, remake of the first chapter expected on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

EA Motive will take care of the relaunch of Isaac Clarke’s adventure, back from the excellent Star Wars Squadron.

The return of the franchise had been in the air for some time, and only last month some rumors had suggested that the team was working on an “established IP”.

Fans were immediately captivated by the footage, and one of them noticed an interesting quote to Glen Schofield, creator of the franchise along with Michael Condrey.

A few days after the announcement, the EA Motive team is back to talk about the operation of remake and what players can expect to see.

The developers have every intention of staying faithful to the original episode, but at the same time have intentions of to cut a series of elements that did not work (via Gamespot).

To go into the details were Philippe Ducharme, producer of Watch Dogs Legion returned to EA in August 2020, Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director of Dead Space e Mike Yazijian, art director del remake e di Dead Space 2.

Yazijian said he found his old notebooks from the development period of the second episode (launched in 2011) and stated that many of the ideas within them “will flow into the remake».

The EA Motive team has clarified once again that it will not be a reboot or a remaster, but a real remake in which “all elements were built from scratch»

Campos-Oriola wished to specify that “we based on the original design, but the character models, the environments were entirely recreated on Frostbite».

The narrative will be very faithful to what was seen in the progenitor of the series but, as highlighted by Ducharme, this version will boast “new effects volumetric that will make you feel in an oppressive atmosphere, with consequent effects on the gameplay».

In conclusion, the SSD of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S will allow you to completely get rid of the loading screens and «items that in the past they didn’t workWill be removed.

If you missed the EA Play Live announcements and trailers, you can retrieve them by taking a look at our rich recap entirely dedicated to the event.

The spirit that could animate this remake had been linked to the good things Capcom did with the relaunch of Resident Evil 2, one of the possible points of reference of the EA Motive team.

Upon the return of Dead Space we have already dedicated a special video: if you have doubts, fears or uncertainties do not miss the opportunity to see if you agree with our analysis.

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