away to the single national model

away to the single national model
away to the single national model

A single form, valid throughout Italy, for the communication of the start of works. The government accelerates the Superbonus 110% which, according to what the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, explained two days ago, could be extended (provided that the financial resources are available) until 2023. In reality, the measures introduced in the decree on simplifications and the governance of the NRP also have another objective: to try to relaunch a measure that for now is marking time. “To ensure maximum operation and uniform application of simplifications throughout the national territory – the Department of Public Administration said – we are working with the Regions, Anci and all the other administrations concerned, to prepare a form for submit to the municipality the communication of the works for the Superbonus (CILA-Superbonus), valid throughout the national territory “.

The initiative, the men of the ministry led by Renato Brunetta inform, serves to unburocratize and speed up the practices, considering that, at the end of April, just 12,745 applications had been submitted (of which only 10% for condominiums and the remaining 90 % for single-family buildings and autonomous real estate units). In this regard, among other things, the ministry for public administration also recalled the innovations introduced in the Recovery decree to tackle the problems of excess bureaucracy that so far have slowed down access to the measure, especially by condominiums.

Superbonus, the mechanism

All interventions that fall under the Superbonus (including those concerning structural parts of the buildings and elevations) can be carried out with a simple communication to the Municipality, certified by the technician (CILA-Superbonus). Only interventions involving the demolition and reconstruction of buildings are excluded. The details of the building permit or the provision (date of issue and other elements) that legitimized the property must be indicated in the CILA. For the oldest buildings it is sufficient to declare that the construction of the building was completed before 1 September 1967. In all cases, the ministry further explains, the certification of legitimate status, which is particularly complex and expensive, will no longer be necessary. In this way, energy efficiency and anti-seismic interventions are accelerated and the long waits to access the documentation of the building archives of the Municipalities are eliminated (3 months on average for each property subject to verification).

The elimination of the certificate of legitimate status also entails a saving in expenditure for bureaucratic formalities estimated at 110 million euros (to be reinvested in production expenditure, ie in the design and implementation of interventions). Further innovations, introduced by Parliament, concern the maximum simplification for interventions in free construction, for which a simple description will suffice. It will not even be necessary to present usability, given that the interventions provided for by the Superbonus improve energy efficiency and anti-seismic efficiency. It should be remembered that recourse to Cila has become the only step necessary to request the 110% subsidy. The Parliament has in fact clarified that, even in the case of structural interventions, to proceed with the redevelopment works, only the Communication of the start of works will be enough and the Scia will not be needed. As mentioned, the extension of the subsidy measure for the whole of 2023 remains in the background. An extension of some measures promised in Parliament by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco.


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