“It must be urgently thrown out of the Milan prosecutor’s office” – Il Dubbio

“It must be urgently thrown out of the Milan prosecutor’s office” – Il Dubbio
“It must be urgently thrown out of the Milan prosecutor’s office” – Il Dubbio

Urgently expel Paolo Storari from the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office – and transfer him ex officio as a precautionary measure without being able to exercise the functions of public prosecutor even in the new office – the prosecutor who in April 2020, to protect himself from the inactivity that the leaders of the In his opinion, the prosecutor had been practicing for four months on the controversial statements of Piero Amara on an alleged secret association called “Hungary”, he had delivered in word format the minutes secreted to the then CSM councilor Piercamillo Davigo.
To ask the disciplinary section of the Higher Council of the Judiciary, as reported by Corriere della Sera, is the Attorney General of the Cassation, Giovanni Salvi, holder of the disciplinary action exercised against Storari. Three “serious misconduct” that Salvi complains to Storari on the disciplinary level (separate from the criminal in which Storari is being investigated in Brescia for revelation of secrecy), asking the CSM to transfer him urgently for “serenity of all the magistrates of the district” ( which therefore could now take a public position) and for «media relevance in the meantime not ceased». The first is “the informal and non-ritual” delivery by Storari to Davigo of unsigned copies of minutes “on an alleged secret association which also included two CSM advisors”; the second arises from the May 7 report of the Milanese prosecutor Francesco Greco, taken by Salvi to accredit that, until the minutes were delivered to Davigo, Storari had not “formalized any dissent on the alleged slowness or shortcomings of the investigation”; the third complaint is that, after the journalist of the Fatto Quotidiano Antonio Massari warned the prosecutors in October 2020 that he had received anonymous reports from Amara, Storari did not refrain from the investigation into the leak. There, for Salvi, Storari should have told the bosses that in April it was he who delivered the minutes to Davigo, which could therefore potentially be the same ones then conveyed by the anonymous to the journalist, we read in the CorSera article.
Also to the Corriere della Sera, Davigo provided his version of the facts. «If the procedure to be followed does not allow to keep the secret, then it cannot be followed. At the CSM, despite the precautions taken, there had been a demonstration a few months earlier on the news of the Perugia investigation on Palamara. In April 2020 Storari described to me a serious situation, namely that almost four months after Amara’s declarations on a secret association, her bosses had not yet proceeded with registrations, which the code instead requires “immediately”. To avoid possible disciplinary consequences, I advised him to put it in writing. Even if a Public Prosecutor does not believe in a declarant, it cannot remove the crime report from the investigating judge: it must register it and then ask for it to be filed. Storari gave me PC word files to support the memory, ”he explained. Goat wool? «Those who find the container relevant rather than the content can think so. At the beginning of May Storari told me that nothing had changed and indeed that Greco had reproached him for the solicitation. At this point I considered it urgent to notify the CSM. And I informed the vice president Ermini – added Davigo -. In one of the following interviews, I gave him all the ones I had printed, “so you can consult them”. Also because they were called into question both councilors of the CSM in office and the previous one. Ermini agreed on the seriousness and gravity of the situation ».
«Nobody dreamed of telling me to formalize. Ermini did not do it and Salvi did not do it. If they had asked me to formalize, I would have done a service report right away. Except, if he considered the procedure to be irregular, being the holder of the disciplinary action and also the judicial authority and also the head of the investigating magistracy, he could and should have questioned me immediately as a person informed on the facts – he stressed -. Yet he did not, only to later take it out on Storari. If ever, perhaps I was wrong in deceiving myself that the intervention of the Attorney General, that is the telephone call to Greco, after which at least the crime report was registered in Milan, could have initiated the matter for resolution. The truth is that Storari in a serious country would be the recipient of a commendation for having tried to enforce the rule, instead it is disheartening to be subjected to disciplinary action “.
“Maybe I compromised my stay at the CSM. But I could not fail to report to those in charge a very serious situation that Storari had pointed out to me in my institutional role. – concludes Davigo – I believe I have served justice with discipline and honor. And I don’t think it will be this unfounded accusation that will soil 42 years of service ».

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