Antidiva Elizabeth Olsen, I avoid social and social life – Ultima Ora

Antidiva Elizabeth Olsen, I avoid social and social life – Ultima Ora
Antidiva Elizabeth Olsen, I avoid social and social life – Ultima Ora

(by Francesco Gallo) (ANSA) – SANTA MARGHERITA DI PULA, 24 JUL – Very beautiful and graceful, but not very sexy, Californian Elizabeth Olsen, 32, at the Filming Sardegna Festival of Tiziana Rocca tells a little about herself since she was child prodigy with her twin sisters, up to Marvel (where she played Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet) and then the cult Disney series by WandaVision.

But one thing is certain, Olsen is definitely an antidiva, one who does not like social media (she deleted her Instagram account in 2020) and is afraid of worldliness, of Hollywood parties that she avoids if she can.

A bit like what is expected of her character of Wanda, the actress says of herself: “I like to do only things that seem authentic and true to myself. used to make money, to sell something “.

The Marvel films then explains: “They are very difficult to make, but I am proud to have been part of these productions where there are so many people working on them as well as the result”.

WandaVision? “For me it is a point of arrival in my career. It is a genre film, a comedy that brought out a different part of me and that also made me explore this part. However, a great opportunity from many points of view. I found myself like in a playground to show something about myself that I didn’t know I had “.

And still on WandaVision? “I think it’s a typically American kind of entertainment, one of those sitcoms we’re used to, a comfort zone to follow from a sofa.”

The Pandemic? “Thanks to the pandemic I learned to live for the day to listen to the moments I live. In that period we all lived like a hamster inside its cage with a lot of wheel to play. For the first time – adds Olsen – the world has become stopped and I believe that thanks to this, an empathy has been created between people that was not there before “. (HANDLE).

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