there are no doses, what do they answer if you book today – Libero Quotidiano

there are no doses, what do they answer if you book today – Libero Quotidiano
there are no doses, what do they answer if you book today – Libero Quotidiano

Claudia Osmetti

July 24, 2021

Postponed to September, the odyssey for “latecomers” trying to book their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine now has just begun. Let’s clarify immediately: it is not the fault of the Regions that, everywhere, are jumping through hoops to cover the holes and open new slots. Take the case of Lombardy: a model situation (no matter what people say), with record numbers over one hundred thousand (inoculations per day and a calendar so full of appointments that it is difficult to find a place, let alone in time for 5 August when the green pass will become mandatory to eat a pizza while sitting in a restaurant. It is that one tries: he connects to the portal, the health card in one hand and the agenda in the other, loads his data and tells him that, in all probability, he will have to wait end of the summer. Some have heard the answer: keep free on September 2. Okay, but in the meantime? Cinema, gym, stadium: all “forbidden”? Pirellone has not decided that. ‘Councilor for Welfare Moratti and his team do their utmost to square the circle, but it is difficult. Until last Tuesday, relying on the stocks arriving from Rome, they had opened about 30 thousand positions to meet the new vaccinations by August, now han found another 50 thousand. A small miracle. All the others, however, will postpone until after the holidays: “The priority is to conclude the cycles of those who are waiting for the call”, they tell us from the Lombardy Region these days, “with what we have, we can’t do more than this”. It would be foolish to put anyone waiting for the second dose at risk, right. And it would be even more foolish to reckon without the host, promising what is not really possible to satisfy.

AFTER THE HOLIDAYS – In Veneto we travel, more or less, on the same track: “Between now and 9 September we have 270,000 slots planned,” said Luca Zaia from the Region, “which will cover both the recalls and the new vaccinations”. Knowing how much the long wait in Verona and its surroundings weighs, especially for those who have yet to receive the first skin-saving puncture, is a lottery. But we can count: 59.1 percent of Venetians have already received at least one dose, 270 thousand (6,750 a day) will find room in the next month and a half and the others will see. The question, at this point, arises spontaneously: if Lombardy, which yesterday marked the best national performance on vaccination data, is in these busy matters, if even Veneto, which grinds record results one on the other, does not sail in better waters, on a general level, how are we doing? On Covid, “the Regions have held up because the Italian State does not exist, the Ministry of Health has in practice been dissolved”, muttered on Monday, the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca, taking it out on the emergency commissioner, General Figliuolo: “He told us that in July we would have all the necessary vaccines, we know that this is not the case because the ones available are only used to make the second doses, we have no others”. The crux is precisely this: in Naples (but the same goes for the rest of Italy) 90 percent pania was immediately penalized in terms of deliveries and supplies “, they add from De Luca’s office,” to In July, stocks were cut, even by 40 percent, and this did not help. We are trying to guarantee easy access for anyone, with an eye on children between the ages of twelve and nineteen, in view of the school year ». But, in the meantime, in Castellammare (writes the local press) on Saturday and Sunday the gates of the vaccination center will close because there are no ampoules to administer, in Santa Maria La Carità, in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples, ditto.

SKEINS TO UNROLL – For the rest, each ASL tries to unravel the problem in its own way: in the last week, in Parma, over 3,700 requests for first doses were made, on Wednesday they added 2,800 appointments (from the end of the month); in Nichelino, in the province of Turin, a few days ago, the vaccinal open-night was skipped, the event that allows you to put your arm in without having to book, because stocks were low and the local health company decided to give priority to the administration of the second doses that are carried out in the diurnal hub regime. The usual refrain. Almost 29 million Italians have already completed the vaccination process (add, however, fresh data from the Ministry of Health), for a total of 63,514,827 administrations and 68,505,805 vaccines already distributed: that is almost all. From the staff of General Figiuolo they let it be known that supplies have not suffered repercussions, that there are no delays on deliveries and that “everything is regular”, as scheduled. It’s just a pity that, now, the requests are getting in the way – and there are already many: in Lombardy, in two days, if there are almost 50 thousand – of those who arrive at the last minute. Benedetto green pass.

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