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Tax amnesty 2021, the decree ready. Here is the date

The implementing decree of Ministry of Economy which regulates the Tax amnesty 2021 it has been signed and is about to be published.

The principles with which the tax bills will be extracted have been clarified for a total of approximately 58 billion euros (enter the TheWam community and receive all the news on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook).

We are going to explain to you who the 2021 tax amnesty is valid for and what are the deadlines by which it will become operational.

Tax amnesty 2021, what is it

The tax amnesty was introduced in Support Decree (DL 41/2021) and provides for the cancellation of the tax bills between 2000 and 2010.

The affected folders are all those with an amount less than 5,000 euros (on this page you can check if any installments are to be canceled in your payment plans).

The basic requirement for the cancellation of debts is the citizen’s income, which must be shown less than 30,000 euros in the year 2019.

The withdrawal will be automatic, so there is no need to apply. The Revenue Agency will identify the bad payers, put them in a database and send it to the Ministry, which will then reimburse them.

Tax amnesty 2021, when it arrives

The procedure for the removal of the bills thanks to the 2021 tax amnesty will be operational from the moment immediately following the publication of the decree, which is already signed. It will probably be included in the Official Gazette next week.

By August 20 the Revenue Agency will deliver the list of citizen tax codes that could fall within the 2021 tax amnesty.

Then, by September 30th, after verifying the incomes of the past years, will communicate those excluded for having breached the 30,000 euro limit in 2019.

So by October 31st the tax bills up to 5,000 euros will be canceled.

Then the Ministry, by June 2022, the reimbursement procedure to the Revenue Agency of all the removed bills will be terminated.

Tax amnesty 2021, the decree ready. Here is the date

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