Pandemic and contemporary art on display in Milan

Pandemic and contemporary art on display in Milan
Pandemic and contemporary art on display in Milan

Between taxidermy memes, infinite sequences of random colors, overly obedient video cameras and puzzles, the group show set up at the Zero gallery in Milan is a heterogeneous reflection on the present time.

Curated by Paolo Zani, Pandemic is an exhibition that talks about the present without a specific direction or will, but more like a plurality of voices, through the involvement of artists who are very different in style and generation. The topics covered move fluidly between oil stains on moving bodies of water, power wiring of video surveillance cameras, bizarre glitches of meme culture, temporality of media between puzzles and painting, and more. The group show combines the works of Neïl Beloufa, Guillaume Bijl, Enzo Cucchi, Irene Fenara, John Gerrard, Eva & Franco Mattes, Emilio Prini, Michael Rey, Hans Schabus and Ylva Snöfrid.
Located in the Porto di Mare area, in particular in an area adjacent to an abandoned hotel, the post-industrial headquarters of Galleria Zero… reproduces that vertigo of disorientation even inside. The display, in fact – as has already happened in the past – does not place any captions next to the works, leaving the public the possibility of creating links and recognizing the authors from the press release, in an architectural space that does not outline any pre-established visit path.

Christian Nirvana Damato

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