Covid, CTS doctors: “Link the colors of the areas to vaccinations”

Covid, CTS doctors: “Link the colors of the areas to vaccinations”
Covid, CTS doctors: “Link the colors of the areas to vaccinations”

The proposal of Antonello Giarratano (in the photo) and Cristoforo Pomara, members of the Sicilian CTS

PALERMO – Covid, the proposal of the doctors of the Sicilian CTS. “We need to link the colors, yellow and red, for example, to the percentage of vaccinated subjects of each single reality. It is obvious that if 70% of the population of a municipality is represented by vaccinated citizens and perhaps 80% of these fall into the age groups at risk of the over 50s, it would be nonsense to close the shops and suppress the activities of the life of relation”.

This is stated by professors Antonello Giarratano, director of the resuscitation and intensive care unit of the Palermo Polyclinic and Professor Cristoforo Pomara, director of the forensic medicine unit of the Catania Polyclinic, both members of the Sicilian CTS, in light of the elimination also in Sicily of the red areas by the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci.

“The case is different in a country where only 35% of its citizens are vaccinated – explain Giarratano and Pomara – They are examples between two extreme thresholds, but between these two external ones, the safety percentages should be calculated to make decisions based on evidence. scientific studies of utmost caution. It should be a decision not delegated to the individual regions, but studied and applied on dynamic models for the whole country by the national government ”.

“It is right not to penalize vaccinated citizens and it is no longer just a question linked to the economy, it has never been for doctors or researchers. It is about protecting socialization, the possibility of our children to interact with the world – say the professors Antonello Giarratano and Cristoforo Pomara who intervene on the green light to some activities only for those who have the green pass -. Think of the children born in these two years, many of them have not even learned to speak, without looking at all the various adaptation disorders up to the disaster that Covid-19 has created in terms of an obstacle to prevention campaigns and of screening, the repercussions on chronic diseases and home care “.

“The Covid-19 paradoxically has become the lesser evil compared to the necessary and sacrosanct pre-vaccine containment strategies – underline Giarratano and Pomara -. But today we have vaccines and we must have the courage to weigh everyone’s choices and their consequences and I am obviously referring to those who refuse to get vaccinated ”. Therefore, it is necessary to hypothesize alternative routes to closures through the correct use of the green pass. “But from a medical and scientific point of view, the green certificate alone is not enough – argue Giarratano and Pomara -. We have a duty to protect those citizens who have not yet been able to vaccinate and who cannot do so due to pathologies by those who refuse the vaccine, the defenders of their freedom not to do so, regardless of the consequences on others who must in some way also be protected from themselves ”, they conclude.


Covid CTS doctors Link colors areas vaccinations

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