LIVE READINGS – Napoli-Pro Vercelli 1-0 (26 ‘Osimhen): a narrow victory for the Azzurri!

LIVE READINGS – Napoli-Pro Vercelli 1-0 (26 ‘Osimhen): a narrow victory for the Azzurri!
LIVE READINGS – Napoli-Pro Vercelli 1-0 (26 ‘Osimhen): a narrow victory for the Azzurri!

90′ – It ends here: Napoli beat Pro Vercelli 1-0 in the second and last summer friendly in Val di Sole!

88′ – Zielinski wins a corner after finishing the ball on the opponent’s full-back.

86′ – Folorunsho ends up on the ground. The intervention of the Napoli medical staff is necessary.

84′ – Low rhythms in this final match with Pro Vercelli trying to turn the ball

80′ – Malcuit’s cross, the host defense rejects badly and Ciciretti arrives on the counter. Wide left.

78′ – Malcuit pushes to the right and throws Zedadka vertically. Cross in the middle for Ciciretti who tries the feint but is closed.

76′ – Hard foul by Comi against Manolas.

74′ – Another 4 changes for Napoli: in Idasiak, Manolas, Malcuit and Zielinski. Outside Contini, Rrahmani, Zanoli and Ounas

73′ – Machach attempts the breakthrough action but does not pass it to the center for a teammate. Action that fades.

71′ – The referee Delrio with a lot of delay extracts the first yellow, for Esposito who breaks the blue counterattack

69′ – Ciciretti attacks the depth, ball in the center for Machach who cuts but the conclusion ends on the outside of the net

65′ – Machach tries the lead on the left, the rebound disfavors him.

64′ – Experimental training for Spalletti also given the many absences, but the goal is also to avoid muscle injuries by keeping some elements in the field

61′ – Changes in Naples: inside Costa, Luperto, Gaetano, Ciciretti and Machach, outside Mario Rui, Osimhen, Koulibaly, Lobotka, Politano

58′ – Insistent action on the right Ounas-Politano, ball in the center for Zedadka who, however, is pushed and the referee continues

56′ – Osimhen devours the doubling: Folorunsho stretches for Politano who puts in the middle for Osimhen who does not hit well and sends out.

54′ – Another mistake by Folorunsho, an elaborate action by Napoli fades

52′ – Zanoli overlap, but the one-two with Politano fails

50′ – Another decisive intervention by Koulibaly, this time on the ball, but a defender who still seems nervous about what happened to Demme

48′ – Pro Vercelli tries to restart, Koulibaly doesn’t think about it and breaks the action with a foul


18.30 – There are no changes in Napoli.

45 ‘- END OF THE FIRST HALF! We go to the break on 1-0: Osimhen’s goal decides for now, but Napoli has had several opportunities to double. Apprehension about the knee problem that forced Demme out

43′ – This time Osimhen ignores two companions on the left, goes on his own business, is closed and Spalletti points them to him with his arm

41′ – Politano focuses, takes a couple with him, then kicks high.

39′ – Osimhen again, always him: header to the side, on a cross by Folorunsho

36′ – Unleashed Osimhen, burns the direct opponent, makes the whole field but the goalkeeper with his feet of pure instinct closes the mirror

34′ – Zedadka Stake! Lethal restart with Osimhen who then sends the 2000 class into goal but does not sign the doubling

32′ – Ounas inspired by the subhead, another opening that leads Zanoli to the cross but the defense is saved in the corner

30′ – You can also see the Pro with Rolando shooting, but easy for Contini. On the restart Osimhen asks for a penalty for hand ball

28′ – Politano falls badly on his back, perhaps pushed. Spalletti complains on the bench!

26′ – OSIMHEN! Napoli unlocks it with the Nigerian on a corner kick: Rrahmani’s side in retreat and Osimhen’s winning header

24′ – Napoli’s enveloping action, ball that reaches Politano but the shot is deflected for a corner

22′ – Yet another foul by Pro Vercelli, this time by Masi, to tackle Osimhen who started for the goal

20′ – Not a big impact for Folorunsho, who appeared to be machin in a couple of circumstances

18′ – Demme can’t do it! The midfielder tries to put his foot on the ground, fails and is taken away by the medical staff. In its place Folorunsho

16′ – Bad surgery on Demme who is sore in the knee

13′ – Zedadka, among the best in this beginning, stands out on the corner but the Pro Vercelli is saved in the corner

11′ – Unleashed Ounas! Osimhen goes away in speed, ball in the center for Ounas who with a touch below saves the opponent but then with a sure shot finds the rescue on the line!

10′ – Always Ounas to unlock the action, ball for Zanoli that puts in the center and Pro Vercelli is saved on Osimhen with a couple of deviation

8′ – Zedadka! Ounas turns and throws the 2000 class who tries to close at the near post, but sends slightly out, ignoring Osimhen in the center

6′ – Do it hard on Politano, the referee gives the advantage and on a rejected Lobotka reaches the shot but ends up high.

4′ – Applause for Ounas’ defensive recovery, after a corner in favor that risked launching the Pro Vercelli.

2′ – Naples in control of the match immediately, but Pro Vercelli who does not intend to grant depth to Osimhen

17.31 – AND PART!

17.27– Teams in the field

17.10 – The journalist Silver Mele presents the friendly match and announces the formations

16.55 – Naples on the pitch. Kostas Manolas and Kevin Malcuit, who worked separately yesterday, are still present on the bench. Who is not there, surprisingly, is Eljif Elmas, who yesterday was tried among the owners and suffered a muscle discomfort, like Gennaro Tutino.

16.50 – Pro Vercelli in the field for heating

16.40 – The official formations of Napoli-Pro Vercelli, second summer test of the Azzurri in Dimaro’s training camp, have been released. Spalletti surprisingly deployed the young Zedadka in attack from the start, on the left, with Ounas in the center and Politano on the right, behind Osimhen. In midfield Demme and Lobotka. In defense, forced choices without Manolas and Malcuit, apart from yesterday, and therefore Zanoli, Rrahmani, Koulibaly and Mario Rui

NAPLES (4-2-3-1): Contini; Zanoli, Rrahmani, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Lobotka, Demme; Politano, Ounas, Zedadka; Osimhen. Herds Spalletti
Available: Idasiak, Malcuit, Costa, Luperto, Machach, Folorunsho, Ciciretti, Zielinski, Petagna, Manolas, Gaetano

PRO VERCELLI (3-5-2): Dyers; Masi, Crialese, Awuia, Auriletto, Carosso, Clemente, Emmanuello, Rolando, Comi, Iezzi. All. Science
Available: Gasparini, Raso, Vetri, Esposito, Bilal Erradi, Rodio, Sangiorgi, Romairone, Rizzo, Samarxhi, Jukaj, Bedetti

16.30 – The two teams arrived at the plant, soon the official formations

16.20 – The turnout of fans has been ordered, which should be 700, that is the 50% soldout of the plant

16.15 – The first fans arrive, lining up for the entrance to the stands

Friends of Tuttonapoli, good afternoon and welcome to the direct text of Napoli-Pro Vercelli! A test undoubtedly more convincing than the match played against the amateurs of Anaunia. Almost obligatory choices for Luciano Spalletti who will probably have to give up Kevin Malcuit and Kostas Manolas who worked separately today and will miss the race. In yesterday afternoon’s session, the yellow team faced the blue lined up ‘simulating’ the usual 3-5-2 of Pro Vercelli.

THE 11 TESTED BY SPALLETTI – The probable starting eleven tomorrow should therefore be composed of Contini between the posts. Four-way defense with Zanoli and Mario Rui on the wings and Rrahmani and Koulibaly in the center. In the middle of the Demme and Lobotka camp. Behind Victor Osimhen the trio formed by Politano, Elmas and Ounas. In fact, Zielinski was tried in the second formation, probably not having the best condition after only a few days.

Naples (4-2-3-1): Contini; Zanoli, Rrahmani, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Demme, Lobotka; Politano, Elmas, Ounas; Osimhen

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