protests and appeals by managers

protests and appeals by managers
protests and appeals by managers

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24 July 2021 08:57

One thing is certain at the moment: the discos remain closed. The new covid decree of the Draghi government extends the use of the green pass for access to indoor bars and restaurants and to sporting and cultural events, but the ballrooms will not be able to reopen. The government guarantees reimbursements and, through the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa, promises a reflection on the only sector still standing. The owners of the premises are not there: some of the managers have decided to challenge the decree before their territorially competent TARs. There is currently no room for reopening for discos, despite the extension of the green pass and its mandatory nature in some areas.

Discos remain closed: the government promises refreshments

“We have discussed it in the Council of Ministers and there is full agreement to compensate the discos”, said the Prime Minister at the press conference in which the new decree to deal with the coronavirus emergency was illustrated. According to sources from the Lega government, “20 million euros will arrive for activities closed due to covid”. In fact, in the statement of the Council of Ministers on the new anti-covid measures, the establishment of a discotheque fund for ballroom refreshments was announced.

But the government also moves to find alternative ways: it is working on a solution for dance clubs. And this is clear from the words of the Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa: “Once the green pass has been identified as an instrument that guarantees activities – said Costa – I believe that we can still reflect on discos. Let’s talk about an economic sector in our country. . At a time when we share the green pass as a guarantee, I believe there is room for further reflection on the reopening of discos “.

“We dance everywhere and without controls …”

“The government has, in fact, decided to legalize the rampant illegal activity that we have been denouncing for months,” said Maurizio Pasca, president of Silb-Fipe, the Italian union of dance clubs. Pasca himself hopes for “adequate resources for our companies”. “We dance everywhere and without controls, except in the disco, the only place where you could apply those security protocols already endorsed at the time by the CTS. Today the situation is this – adds Pasca – and dozens of it testify every day of photos and videos. With the premises still closed it will get worse and worse “.


protests appeals managers

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