Draghi effect on the center-right – Libero Quotidiano

Draghi effect on the center-right – Libero Quotidiano
Draghi effect on the center-right – Libero Quotidiano

Salvatore Dama

July 24, 2021

Mario Draghi raises his voice, Matteo Salvi ni gets vaccinated, Giorgia Meloni announces battle against the green pass. Faced with the peremptory tones of the Prime Minister, the center-right divides again. The League, while expressing amazement at the premier’s exit (“The invitation not to get vaccinated corresponds to an invitation to die”), does not seem willing to barricade the vaccine passport. Brothers of Italy, on the other hand, does not fold. She considers the government’s measure a surreptitious way to impose the obligation to inoculate the serum and is ready to take to the streets to defend the citizens’ “freedom”. In the midst of this political debate comes a fact. The timing of which is perhaps random, perhaps not. The leader of the League got vaccinated yesterday morning in Milan. But, contrary to his habit of posting everything on social media, this time he keeps the secrecy. A clue appeared in a photo posted on Instagram, taken while the captain has a coffee immediately after the administration of the Covid vaccine: the image shows the QR code printed on the vaccination certificate. The Northern League leader, as explained in recent days, had a previous booking for the vaccine set for June 28 which he had to postpone.

“FREE CHOICE” – The leader of the League was vaccinated at the vaccination center of the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, which, among other things, he had already visited in the first phase of the campaign. Salvini’s decision to get vaccinated came suddenly, given that in recent days the Northern League leader had announced that he would be vaccinated in August. “I did it not because someone imposed it on me but out of free choice,” he specified. «Vaccines save lives, I urge everyone to be safe. I don’t force anyone, but if someone wants to convince me that 12-year-olds have to be vaccinated to go to school, they will never convince me. by Prime Minister Draghi in response to a question on Salvini’s positions on vaccines. This is stated by Northern League sources, who observe that in recent talks, including that of Thursday, the Prime Minister has never expressed direct criticism to Matteo on the issue. This is why, summarize the same sources, “to put it mildly we can say that we were amazed”. The ministers of the Northern League, with a note, defend the leader from attacks. “We believe that the criticisms of the League and our leader on vaccines made in an instrumental way by a part of the press are ungenerous: we are all engaged in the difficult task of reconciling the sacrosanct right to health with individual freedoms in a path of common sense”. League ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti, Erika Stefani and Massimo Garavaglia declared this.

“IT IS USUAL TO PAY” – Solidarity also comes from the president of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga: «Throw away, and here there is a responsibility of some media, every sentence as a clash between people and between parties is wrong. Legitimately, there may be different positions, Salvini never said do not vaccinate, he said let’s focus on the fragile categories ». Giorgia Meloni also reiterated yesterday her intention to get vaccinated. But her party defends the right of the novax to continue to live and work like the others, despite Meloni herself last March supported the need for the green pass, inviting the European Commission to take a stand. “The most disturbing thing about Draghi’s conference are the words of terror he chose in addressing the Italians. The numbers seem to no longer count », Meloni wrote yesterday in a post on Facebook,« despite the intensive care data are largely under control, the Green Pass has become the new “mantra” to be imposed. Nothing else matters”. It is not acceptable, he continues, that “the obligation of the green sheet subtly forces one to be vaccinated. This is not freedom ». It’s been a year and a half, he concludes, “that the people who pay are always the same: bars, restaurants, discos, the sports, culture and entertainment sectors. While it is always the usual suspects who benefit from it ».

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