Chain on EU therapies from October instead of vaccines: nonsense audio

Chain on EU therapies from October instead of vaccines: nonsense audio
Chain on EU therapies from October instead of vaccines: nonsense audio

It is catching on a Facebook and WhatsApp chain really nonsense in these, about an audio that would contain the anticipation of the arrival of EU therapies from October able to replace the current vaccines against Covid. After the misinformation that was made yesterday about a concept held in Holland in the past week, according to what I have been able to report to you with a specific item, today 24 July I think it is useful to focus on yet another Covid-themed viral message that fuels conspiracy unnecessarily.

Audio analysis in which EU therapies have been mentioned since October instead of vaccines

Why does the alleged audio message, according to the source from a national party secretary, make no sense? Basically, the content in question has a clear conspiracy matrix, highlighting that the imminent arrival of EU therapies from October would mark the end of vaccines on balance. Several wrong information, as reported by Bufale, in the chain that you find below:

And with that the toy will end. I have just heard an audio from a national party secretary ready to turn you into a messenger running on the net, who says that by authorizing the treatments iv @@ x is dropped and since the supplies of millions of doses of serums expire in that very month the “Government” makes the last sprint with the Green pass. Hold on!“.

In reality, their deadline, set at the end of October as emerges from the documents delivered to the vaccinated immediately after administration, has another meaning. This is the term relating to the administration of the individual batches, with the aforementioned date which will end up slipping later in time about the next supplies arriving in Italy. There are EU therapies potentially available to everyone since October, but they are still not approved and above all they will not replace the prevention of serious illness ensured in almost all cases by Covid vaccines.


Chain therapies October vaccines nonsense audio

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