here is the aid announced –

here is the aid announced –
here is the aid announced –

With the discos in the lead, there is the bonus for those who remain closed with the Green Pass: here is the aid announced by the Italian government. After the last decree with the new rules to contrast the Covid-19 pandemic. With the new infections that are starting to grow again in a worrying way in Italy too. Due to the Delta variant which, according to experts, will soon tend to be the dominant one.

On the bonus for those who remain closed, the owners of ballrooms, in fact, are currently still on the whole national territory. And for these entrepreneurs, who are practically paying more than all of them economically due to the pandemic, refreshments will arrive. As announced by the premier Mario Draghi during the press conference on 22 July. The one that illustrated the new anti-Covid measures starting from the use of the Green Pass.

There is a bonus for those who remain closed with the green pass: here are the aids announced

In other words, on the bonus for those who remain closed, despite the introduction of the obligation of a Green Pass for indoor and outdoor events, the orientation of the Italian government on night clubs it does not change. Even with the green certification, the clubs remain closed.

Which is why, in close turn, for the bonus for those who remain closed they expect to know the extent of the refreshments which will be recognized to the managers of the dance halls who, however, do not give up. In fact, appeals to the TAR against the closures have been announced. Because, among other things, according to the managers of nightclubs in Italy, people are dancing everywhere except in discos.

What future for night entertainment entrepreneurs?

The maintenance of closed discos, even with the new discipline on the Green Pass, it’s clearly not a good sign for night entertainment entrepreneurs.

Even if the bonus arrives for those who remain closed. Since they risk having to remain stationary at least between now and the end of the year. And this if we consider, among other things, that the Italian government has extended the state of emergency until 31 December 2021.

A little better, compared to the bonus clubs for those who remain closed, went to the restaurateurs that will be able to welcome customers at the tables, but only those in possession of a Green Pass. This has infuriated not a few operators in the sector who, in fact, are not prepared for every customer who arrives to check the entrance door.

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