for operations there is no surety policy

for operations there is no surety policy
for operations there is no surety policy

July 24, 2021 11:22 am

Virginia Raggi, mayor of Rome and mayor of the metropolitan city, has for days announced the idea of ​​giving the first rubbish from Rome to Albano starting next Monday, July 26th. The plans, however, will apparently be revised. Yes, because the company that owns the plant communicated, in a letter addressed to the first town, the operational impossibility of the area.

The letter reads: “We represent that the insurance company has not yet made the formal transfer to Ecoambiente Srl of the surety policy, currently active for the operational management of the landfill located in Via Ardeatina. Therefore, the transfer service scheduled for Monday will not be guaranteed“. In the letter, the company does not indicate a date for the release of the situation. A bureaucratic impediment that in any case should not have particularly long resolution times.

The letter arrives on the day when official protests against Virginia Raggi’s decision to reopen the Roncigliano reservoir with an order. In the Castellano municipality, a garrison in St. Peter’s Square has been announced for today, Saturday 24. Then, on Sunday 25th, Albano will be crossed by a torchlight procession at 9 pm.

“Within 500 meters of the Albano landfill 500 people live and from the 150 questionnaires administered to resident families, near the landfill the mortality from cancer is 300% higher than the regional average”, recalled the Communist Party of the Castellano municipality. At the center of the double dispute is the ordinance of the Rays which derogates the authorization linked to the tmb and the ratification signed, Friday 16 July, by President Zingaretti. Two acts that allowed to reopen the VII invaded of Ronciglione, closed since 2016 following a fire at the connected TMB.

And yesterday the senator and secretary of PD Lazio, Bruno Astorre, returned to attack the choice of Raggi: “According to Raggi, Albano should receive up to 1100 tons of waste from the capital every day, which means that they will pass on the road leading to Municipality in the Province of Rome about 100 lorries to and fro. Is it possible no one realizes the folly of this choice? “.


operations surety policy

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