SBK, Rea wins Race 1 and takes back the top of the World Championship, anxiety for Folger

SBK, Rea wins Race 1 and takes back the top of the World Championship, anxiety for Folger
SBK, Rea wins Race 1 and takes back the top of the World Championship, anxiety for Folger

UPDATE AT 14:44 Jonas Folger is conscious, the German driver has been transported to the Medical Center for more detailed checks. Fortunately, the news we were all waiting for has arrived.

Rea, Redding and Toprak, these are the first three of Race 1 at Assen. However, there is a wait to understand the conditions of Jonas Folger, who fell to the ground when there were two laps to go. The race direction has decided to immediately display the red flag. We are waiting to understand the situation of the German driver of the Bonovo team.

Rea wins Race 1 ahead of Redding and Toprak, but the most important thing is Folger’s condition. The German driver crashed in turn 8 and is currently being rescued by medical personnel.

ROUND 20 – Red flag exposed! Folger is currently on the ground being rescued by the health workers.

ROUND 19 Cade Folger was eighth. Haslam takes his position with Honda. In the meantime, there are two laps left at the end of Race 1!

ROUND 18 – Final three laps of Race 1 with Rea firmly in command followed by Redding and Toprak. Beware that Toprak does not give up, bringing the gap from Scott to two tenths. Behind them comes van der Mark’s BMW.

ROUND 17 – Not bad today’s progress of Gerloff, who has gained 16 positions! Now the American is sixth behind Locatelli.

ROUND 16 Redding now tries to dig the furrow, trimming half a second to Toprak.

ROUND 15 – Rea has now fled with over two seconds on Redding, who in the meantime has overtaken Razgatlioglu. 4th van der Mark, then Locatelli, Gerloff and Folger. Great performance by the American from GRT, who started from the rear

ROUND 14 – Rea escapes, bringing the advantage over Toprak to almost two seconds, who was in turn pursued by Redding. The battle is all for second place.

ROUND 13 – After Mahias also Nozane ends up on the ground. At the moment, therefore, 5 drivers have raised the white flag.

ROUND 12 – Rea always in command with a second and four tenths of a margin on Toprak, while Mahias ends up on the ground.

ROUND 11 – Rea in the lead, here is the standings in the middle of the race!

ROUND 10 – Torpak is not there and takes second place against Scott. But watch out for Rea, who brings the margin to one second and three tenths, while van der Mark is fourth at one second and eight tenths behind Redding. 5th Locatelli.

ROUND 9 – Redding’s mistake, which is passed on by Toprak. The British, however, responds to the Turkish, recovering the second position. Rea benefits from it, who trims a second to his pursuers.

ROUND 8 – Rea must now defend himself from Redding, while van der Mark brings his gap to less than two seconds from the top. Behind the Dutchman appears Locatelli.

ROUND 7 – Redding paws and passes Toprak taking the second position ahead of the Turkish. Rea is now one tenth behind the Ducati rider.

LAP 6 – Rea, Toprak and Redding in just three tenths, then there’s van der Mark’s BMW pursued by Locatelli, followed by Folger, Haslam, and Gerloff. 11th Davies, 13th Mercado, 15th Rabat.

ROUND 5 – Rea’s masterful attack against Toprak who takes back the first position against the Turk. Redding remained in third position, followed by van der Mark, who in the meantime got rid of Locatelli. 9th Gerloff followed by Sykes

ROUND 4 – Toprak attacks Rea and is first in front of the Cannibal, while Redding is third attached to the leading group. Locatelli passes Folger instead and takes 4th position. 13th Davies, 15th Rabat.

LAP 3 – Double fall! It ends up on the ground first Lowes and then Rinaldi! Rea leads in front of Toprak, then Redding in third position

ROUND 2 – Bad crash for Alvaro Bautista, who throws his Honda into the gravel. The Spaniard is out, while Rea is hunted by Toprak, Rinaldi and Redding.

LAP 1 – Toprak attacks Rea, but the Cannibal responds in turn 6 taking the first position. Johnny commands ahead of the Turkish, while Rinaldi is third followed by Redding and Lowes.

14:00 Race 1 starts now in Assen!

13:58 Start the warmup lap now!

13:50 Ten minutes and Race 1 will start!

13:45 Drivers lined up on the grid when there are 15 minutes left for the session. Cloudy weather with a few shy rays of light in the clouds.

13:40 Now the pit lane opens, the riders get on their bikes and take to the track.

13:30 In half an hour the green light of Race 1 in Assen with Rea starting in front of the group!

Ready Set Go! In fact, at 2 pm the curtain will rise on Race 1 in Assen, which we will tell you about lap by lap. Rea and the Kawasaki start in front of everyone after the super time trial in qualifying alongside Toprak Razgatlioglu. The Ducati of Scott Redding, followed by that of Rinaldi, closes the front row.

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Below is the world ranking.

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