Murder Voghera, witness against the commissioner-sheriff: “He took aim, shot in cold blood”

Murder Voghera, witness against the commissioner-sheriff: “He took aim, shot in cold blood”
Murder Voghera, witness against the commissioner-sheriff: “He took aim, shot in cold blood”

There would be a witness to the death of Yous el Boussettaoui, the 39-year-old of Moroccan origin killed on Tuesday evening in Voghera by the councilor for security Massimo Adriatici after an altercation in front of a bar in Piazza Meardi in the city in the province of Pavia.

A testimony reported by Republic, who quotes the words referred by the witness, also of Moroccan nationality, to the lawyers of the family of El Boussettaoui. Adriatici allegedly “took aim” and then fired.

In particular, the councilor of the League, “an Italian gentleman” in the witness’s account, “he was talking on the phone, Youns pushed him and the Italian fell to the ground on his back. At that point, while lying down, he pulled the gun from his hip and fired a shot at him in cold blood. After being hit, Youns ran away with his hand on his stomach and then fell to the ground ”.

Debora Piazza and Marco Romagnoli, lawyers of El Boussettaoui’s family, have tracked down the witness two days ago, collected his testimony and filed yesterday in the prosecutor’s office, formalized with the signatures of the boy and an interpreter from Arabic.

Yesterday Adriatici, together with his lawyer, appeared in front of the gip Maria Cristina Lapi, that today he will have to decide on the validation of house arrest. For three hours the councilor of the League answered the questions of the judge, but changed the version from the one provided to the carabinieri immediately after the tragedy, when he explained that the shot from his gun (legally detained) had been “accidental” while he was falling after having received a “shove” from the citizen of Moroccan origin.

The Lega politician would have declared that he did not remember the events precisely: “I don’t know how the blow started”, Explained the investigating judge Ali Lapi. Yesterday afternoon the councilor’s lawyers had held a press conference in which they tried to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident that led to the killing of the boy of Moroccan origin: “Adriatici did not go out to look for El Boussettaoui“.

According to Gabriele Pipicelli, Adriatici’s lawyer, “as in other circumstances, he shot with this weapon in his pocket because he had requested a firearm license due to dangerous situations of the person who had been represented to the competent authorities and that the he had considered subsistent, so much so that his firearms license had just been renewed. He always had the shot in the barrel because, when one is under police training and carries a weapon, he knows that if he is in a situation of danger and stress, he can panic. If you take off the safety instead you can shoot without stress and do not do any additional activities that take you away from time. Adriatici was the victim of an unprecedented and sudden violence that made him fall to the ground, giving him a state of confusion. He is a broken man, deeply sorry: he is a normal person who has never had a note in his professional career “concluded the lawyer who also excluded that between his client and El Boussettaoui there could have been any previous arguments or moments of tension. .

This afternoon will also be the day of the event organized by the family where the participation of various social centers in northern Italy is also foreseen. For this the mayor of Voghera Paola Garlaschelli he wrote to the operators of the center saying to “pay all appropriate attention” and suggesting to “evaluate the possible closure of their business”.

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