the commissioner Massimo Adriatici remains under house arrest

the commissioner Massimo Adriatici remains under house arrest
the commissioner Massimo Adriatici remains under house arrest

The investigating judge of Pavia has validated the arrest of the Northern League councilor for safety of the Municipality of Voghera Massimo Adriatici, confirming the house arrest. Adriatici is accused of culpable excess of legitimate defense for the killing of Youns El Boussetaoui, 39, of Moroccan nationality, which took place Tuesday evening with a gunshot in Piazza Meardi in Voghera. The judge for preliminary investigations of Pavia, Maria Cristina Lapi, has decided to accept the requests of the public prosecutor Roberto Valli, who asked for confirmation of the house arrest.

Voghera murder: Adriatici under house arrest in a secret location

The commissioner is no longer in his home, but in a secret place. The decision, according to what we learn, was taken at the request of the defense because images of his home appeared on social media. In addition to declaring himself “heartbroken and destroyed” by the incident, yesterday Massimo Adriatici told the judge that he did not remember the moment of the shot.

In the order with which he confirms the house arrest, the investigating judge of Pavia writes of the “danger of the suspect” understood as “aptitude to put in place oversized reactions in the event that he is in a critical situation. What we want to highlight – writes the investigating judge in the order viewed by Ansa – is that Adriatici himself declared that he had extracted the gun from his pocket at a time when he was still lucid and aware of his actions “.

And this happened “before El Boussettaoui hit him and before he was stunned. This action appears decidedly disproportionate in the face of a man who was attacking him unarmed, towards whom he placed himself in a decidedly early position in a predominant position – writes the investigating judge -, but in a seriously disproportionate way and creating the conditions for the nefarious event that unfortunately actually happened “. And this is believed “above all in consideration of the qualified awareness that must be required of a man with the professionalism of the suspect for years in the police forces and criminal expert, law enforcement instructor, experience on the basis of which the man he should have been able to discern the risk actually run and the values ​​he was called upon to balance in such a situation. “

A witness’s version

“The Italian didn’t shoot by mistake. He took the gun, pointed it at Youns and immediately fired the shot that killed him.” It is the story of a Moroccan citizen who allegedly witnessed the death of Youns El Boussettaoui, shot dead Tuesday evening in Voghera. To report the testimony is the newspaper the Republic. According to the witness, the security commissioner “fired while Youns was stopped”.

“I saw an Italian man who was talking on the phone, Youns pushed him and the Italian fell to the ground on his back – says the Moroccan citizen -. At that point, while he was lying down, he pulled the gun from his side and fired a shot. After being hit, Youns ran away with his hand on his stomach and then fell to the ground. ” The witness was tracked down by the lawyers of El Boussettaoui’s family who collected the memories of that night in a formalized testimony with the signatures of the boy and an interpreter and filed on Friday in the prosecutor’s office. The witness claims that he was “six, seven meters from the scene”.

Adriatici questioned: “I don’t remember the moment of the shot”

Three hours of interrogation in front of the investigating judge to explain that he was a “victim of sudden and unprecedented violence”, which would have made him “fall to the ground, giving him a state of confusion”, in which he does not remember “exactly how he left. the blow “that hit and killed the 39-year-old Moroccan in the square in Voghera on Tuesday evening. This is the defensive line held by the self-suspended Northern League councilor of the Municipality in the province of Pavia.

According to Adriatici’s lawyers, Colette Gazzaniga and Gabriele Pipicelli, the councilor-sheriff who went around armed to defend the city is “an urban legend”. “Adriatici – they said – on Tuesday as every evening he was taking a walk, talking on the phone with a friend, when he noticed El Boussetaoui conducting violent behavior, harassing a girl inside the bar, throwing a stool and throwing a bottle”. At that point the Northern League commissioner, with a past in the police, would have closed the call and dialed 113 first and then directly the number of the Police Headquarters.

“The police operator – continues the account of the lawyer Pipicelli – feels that the mobile phone at a certain point flies away and falls to the ground”. It remains to understand what happened in those moments of excitement, in which Adriatici pulled out his gun, already loaded, to be able to use it “without panic” in dangerous situations, and turned it against the 39-year-old to get him away. “A shot does not come from the gun alone. I do the dynamics – if someone put their hand on it or pushed it – I don’t know and Adriatici could not answer either”, clarified the lawyer.

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