ROCCO CASALINO / “Anti-money laundering? I sold my house in Milan to take it to Rome and …”

ROCCO CASALINO / “Anti-money laundering? I sold my house in Milan to take it to Rome and …”
ROCCO CASALINO / “Anti-money laundering? I sold my house in Milan to take it to Rome and …”

The accounts of Rocco Casalino have come under the magnifying glass of anti-money laundering. The now former spokesperson for Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo Chigi, heard by “La Verità”, he rejected all accusations, arguing that the movement of money on his current accounts, which ended up in the crosshairs of anti-money laundering, is due to the fact that Casalino sold his first house in Milan to buy it one in Rome. From the sale of the Milanese home, therefore, the money in the current account would result in the anti-money laundering crosshairs. But to raise some doubts about this reconstruction is Dagospia. In fact, Roberto D’Agostino’s portal notes that “from a land registry check, it appears that the handsome Ta-Rocco has registered only one house in Ceglie Messapica, in Puglia“.


From this verification Dagospia’s questions arise with regard to Rocco Casalino and his reconstructions: “When was the house in Rome bought? Who was it made out to? And if it was registered in Casalino, since there is no trace of it, when was it resold?“. To answer these questions was the person concerned, who stated: “I sold a house in Milan in 2017. In fact, the money we are talking about has been in my account since 2017. I imagine that the report comes from the fact that I moved my money from my bank account to my postal savings book. At the moment there is no property in my name in Rome, for the simple fact that the deed for the house purchased will take place in October“. We remind you that, after the anti-money laundering report, two inbound and outbound movements of over 300 thousand euros were examined “with generic reasons“.



ROCCO CASALINO Antimoney laundering sold house Milan Rome

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