Murder of Voghera, house arrest validated for the Northern League councilor Adriatici. The investigating judge: “He was aware of his actions”

Murder of Voghera, house arrest validated for the Northern League councilor Adriatici. The investigating judge: “He was aware of his actions”
Murder of Voghera, house arrest validated for the Northern League councilor Adriatici. The investigating judge: “He was aware of his actions”

Massimo Adriatici remains under house arrest. The investigating judge of Pavia has validated the arrest the councilor for security of the Municipality of Voghera confirming, for the exponent of the Carroccio, the House arrest. Adriatici is accused of culpable excess of self-defense for the killing of Youns El Boussetaoui, which took place Tuesday evening with a gunshot in the square. According to what he reports LaPresse, the reasons for theevidential pollution, but the danger of the repetition of the offense. In the afternoon, around 16.30, a demonstration was organized in memory of the victim in Voghera and there were moments of tension. The microphone spoke Gad Lerner e Bahija, Youns’ sister who reiterated that he was “killed, shot in the heart” but was “sick”. Immediately after the demonstrators marched in a procession shouting “murderer” and “in jail”. The mayor of the center-right Paola Garlaschelli he did not participate: in the morning he had distributed a letter to the citizens in which he speaks of “a tragic event” that struck an esteemed person. No word of condemnation even from the leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini who instead declared: “I neither condemn nor absolve anyone. Let’s say that if he had been expelled as he had been willing for some time now we would be here talking about something else ”.

The investigating judge: “Definitely disproportionate action” – In the order confirming the house arrest, the investigating judge of Pavia he writes about the “danger of the suspect” understood as an aptitude to “put in place oversized reactions in the event that he finds himself in a critical situation”. “What we want to highlight is that Adriatici himself declared that he had extracted the gun from his pocket at a time when he was still lucid and aware of his actions”, reads the order. And this happened “before El Boussettaoui hit him and before he was stunned“. This action “appears decidedly disproportionate in the face of a man who he was attacking him unarmed, against which he placed himself in a predominant position at a decidedly early stage “, writes the investigating judge,” but in a seriously disproportionate way and creating the conditions for the nefarious event that unfortunately actually happened “. And not only that, the order continues: “This is considered above all in consideration of the qualified awareness that must be requested of a man with the professionalism of the suspect for years in law enforcement and criminal expert, law enforcement instructor, experience on the basis of which man should have been able to discern the risk actually run and the values ​​he was called upon to balance in such a situation “.

Adriatici’s lawyer, the lawyer Gabriele Pipicelli, requested and obtained the transfer of his client to one secret location, after the image of Adriatici’s home was shot on social media.

The witness – Meanwhile, today a new testimony has emerged released by a person who said he witnessed the murder. “He didn’t shoot by mistake. The Italian took the gun, pointed it at Youns and immediately fired the shot that killed him ”, a Moroccan citizen declared to the Prosecutor’s Office. According to the testimony reported by Republic Adriatici “took the gun, aimed and shot him while Youns was stationary”. And again: “I saw an Italian man who was talking on the phone, Youns pushed him and the Italian fell to the ground on his back. At that point, while he was lying down, he extracted the gun from the hip and fired a shot at him cold blood. After being hit, Youns ran away with his hand on his stomach and then fell to the ground ”. The witness who was “six, seven meters from the scene”, was tracked down in recent days by the lawyers of the family of El Boussettaoui.

The demonstration and the letter from the center-right mayor – The climate in the town in the province of Pavia remains very tense. Today the center-right mayor Paola Garlaschelli, after days of silence, he decided to spread a letter addressed to his fellow citizens. In the text he defines the councilor for house arrest, self-suspended, “one esteemed person and respected in the city, whose work we have appreciated in recent months ”, which“ was overwhelmed by a tragic event“. The first citizen, in a letter to the city, speaks of “difficult days for our community. We are incredulous for the tragedy that has taken place, shaken by the clamor that has hit our city and by media exploitation who have assumed facts that the judiciary has been called to clarify ”. Not a word from Garlaschelli for the victim, but rather a defense of the exponent of the Carroccio of which, he said, “it is not up to us to judge the responsibilities or the faults”. And he concluded: “Together with the colleagues of the Executive and the majority directors I felt that a respectful silence was the wisest choice these days “.

Before the afternoon procession, various rumors had been spread about the danger of clashes, “unpleasant and dangerous” situations, so much so that the organizers spread a message on social media to reassure the participants. “Our demonstration will be PACIFIC AND STATIC, we don’t want to create unjustified violence O public disorder. Our goal is to express our disappointment and our disappointment with regard to the decisions of the municipal council towards the marginalized people, in the liberalization of Weapons and towards the Private justice”, we read in the text distributed among others by Vogheranews. “Implementing violent strategies would go against the ideals of the event itself and would end up not passing on the fundamental messages we carry. The event was created to be as safe as possible for everyone and therefore we detach ourselves from all personal initiatives outside the law that could possibly happen “, conclude the organizers who reply to the mayor talking about a” better Voghera “.

“I believe it is not there yet sufficient awareness of the gravity of what happened on Monday evening in Voghera ”, said the regional secretary of the Democratic Party Vinicio Peluffo who participated in a Saturday morning presidium of the Democratic Party in Piazza del Duomo in Voghera to reiterate, as the name of the initiative says, that “safety is inclusion, no to do-it-yourself justice”. For Peluffo “the mayor should have first of all expressed a word of condolences for the victim, which he did not do, and should have reassure the people of Voghera that none of its council is and will never be authorized to go around the squares armed and with the shot in the barrel. It is serious that those words have not arrived, just as a single word of condemnation has not arrived for attitudes that, it is clear, do not bring security but disorder and violence“.

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