Vaccines, in one month zero intensive hospitalization among under 60s who have had at least one dose. Over 80, 7 out of 10 deaths are not vaccinated

No one under i 60 years who has taken at least one dose of vaccine against Covid she was hospitalized in intensive care in Italy in the 30 days from 11 June to 11 July. The data is contained in the last weekly extended report released by theHigher Institute of Health (Iss) and once again confirms the effectiveness of vaccines not only in reducing the risk of infection, but above all in drastically lowering the chance to end up in a hospital bed after contracting the coronavirus. “If vaccines were not effective in reducing the risk of infection, they would not be observed differences in the number of cases between vaccinated and unvaccinated – writes the ISS in its report – The observed differences show that vaccines are effective in reducing the risk of infection, hospitalization, admission to intensive care and death “. As of July 3, in the age group of over 80, 85% of the population was found to be vaccinated with a full course. In the last 30 days, among the over 80s, the 33% of diagnoses, the 46% of hospitalizations, the 71% of admissions in intensive care and the 69% of the deaths (seven out of ten) occurred among those who did not receive any vaccine doses.

The analysis by age group does not only concern those over 80. Between 12 and 39 years old, we read in the ISS table referring to the period from 11 June to 11 July, the81% of the positive cases are among unvaccinated people. Only the 5% of infections occurs between people who have also received the recall. Furthermore, among the under 40 vaccinated, just1,8% ends in hospital and none in ICU. Deaths are also zero, while 3 people not vaccinated they are death for Covid despite the young age. In the age group between 40 and 59, the 60% some positive cases are between people non vaccinate. Only the 13,8% of the immunized is infected and in a month just 22 they were hospitalized and none of them needed intensive care. Finally, looking at the age group between 60 and 79 years, there is a similar trend: there are only 4 vaccinated people who have finished in resuscitation, 42 (the 71%) among the non-immunized. Here too it is clearly noted that i 60enne e 70enni protected by the vaccine are infected Less (I’m the 24,7% of the total) and I rarely end up in hospital (13%).

Always analyzing specifically the age range of over 80, the ISS points out that if vaccinations in the population reach high levels of coverage, theparadox effect so the absolute number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths can be similar among vaccinated versus unvaccinated. Among the over eighty, for example, “it is observed that the number of hospitalizations between full-cycle vaccinated and unvaccinated is similar“. On the other hand, the hospitalization rate in the last 30 days in unvaccinated over 80s it is about ten times higher compared to that of over 80 vaccinated with a full cycle (28 vs 3 per 100 thousand inhabitants).

The report of the Higher Institute of Health based on the data also elaborated the estimates of vaccine efficacy in the period from April 4th (approximately the date the vaccination was extended to general population) as of 18 July 2021 by age group. The overall efficacy of vaccination, adjusted for age, is greater than 70% in preventing the infection in vaccinated with a dose and higher than88% for full cycle vaccinates. The effectiveness in preventing hospitalization rises to81% with one dose and al 95% with full cycle. The effectiveness in preventing hospitalizations in therapy intensive is equal to89% with incomplete cycle et al 97% with full cycle. Finally, the effectiveness in preventing the death is equal to80% with one dose and al 96% with full cycle.

Another effect of the vaccination campaign is the decrease inmedian age of Covid cases, given that the priority categories for the vaccine they were the most advanced age groups. The median age of cases at first admission decreased over the past week (48 years old), as well as the age of cases at entry into the ICU (59 years old) and death (78 years old).

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