Night in the emergency room for Enrica Bonaccorti: “Drama, but I smile”

Night in the emergency room for Enrica Bonaccorti: “Drama, but I smile”
Night in the emergency room for Enrica Bonaccorti: “Drama, but I smile”

Adventure to forget for Enrica Bonaccorti, victim of a domestic accident during his first hours of vacation in Tuscany. The presenter was forced to resort to medical treatment at the Orbetello hospital, which diagnosed her with a fracture arm which also required surgery. So much fear for Bonaccorti but fortunately not a serious health problem for her, which however will have to resort to a plaster cast for the next few weeks.

It was Enrica Bonaccorti herself who informed fans about the incident, publishing a post on Instagram with which she still reassured everyone about her health conditions. “What can I say … as soon as I arrive I fall down the stairs, first night in the emergency room until 4.30, this morning small intervention to realign the bones, then plaster“, wrote the presenter attaching a shot in which she is seen smiling and with the support for the arm. However, it is not all so rosy.”The tragedy is that it is the right wrist, with my left hand I have problems ringing an intercom“Bonaccorti continued.

In his post there was also room for a thanks to doctors and nurses for their work: “All very good and very kind in the emergency room and hospital in Orbetello, they called me ‘Cara’! Even though I screamed“. For her, then, immediately a walk by the sea, even if for a few weeks she will not be able to fully enjoy it due to the plaster. Enrica Bonaccorti has not lost her enthusiasm and desire to smile, as can be seen from the photos and she writes: “Not a good start, but I smile all the same“.

In a second photo, posted a few hours later, Enrica Bonaccorti showed how she decided to remedy the discomfort of the arm in a cast. It has arranged a fixed support with ropes to avoid having to keep the arm continuously in a resting position close to the body, especially on hot days like these. “Our species survived adapting, no? and I fit … Any other ideas?!?“Bonaccorti wrote asking for help from her followers.

In his first post, there was also a no-vax jab: “You can see mine vaccine for the smallpox that we all made without fuss and with the result of eradicating it completely! My brilliant mother asked if it could be done on the leg instead of the arm, and I’m still proud of it“.


Night emergency room Enrica Bonaccorti Drama smile

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