The end of the Giallorossi: so Conte and Letta flop

The end of the Giallorossi: so Conte and Letta flop
The end of the Giallorossi: so Conte and Letta flop

The 5-star movement and the Democratic Party are in panic. The decision-making attitude and the iron fist shown by Mario Draghi and Marta Cartabia during the press conference that followed the Council of Ministers shattered the dreams of glory of Enrico Letta, which focused on the alliance with Giuseppe Conte to create a strong and weighty team in the executive. Marco Antonellis on Italiaoggi reveals that the secretary of the Democratic Party suffered a cold, or rather icy, shower when the dem ministers started sending alarmed Whatsapp to the party leaders. “Draghi asked to have recourse to trust in justice“, they frantically wrote in their messages, alarming Letta.

The move of Mario Draghi it was (almost) a checkmate for the M5s, that any move Giuseppe Conte makes in this situation risks imploding, taking the Democratic Party with him, if Enrico Letta does not have the courage to free himself from the new leader. The Movement is hanging by a thread and the Giallorossi alliance falters more and more. For some time now, the Democratic Party of Enrico Letta has been totally irrelevant to the dynamics of government and in this situation it continues to play the role of the appearance within the national political scenario.

The dem secretary tried everything to keep the alliance steady, including a concession to Giuseppe Conte on the statute of limitations to try to calm the waters within the coalition. He had proposed to use the “Serracchiani award” but Mario Draghi’s unexpected backlash, who has a very broad and in-depth political vision, once again ruined Enrico Letta’s plans. He also thought about disturbing the Giallorossi’s projects Marta Cartabia, which without hesitation said it was ready to intervene on the reform of justice but only on the technical aspects, without upsetting the current structure. A one-two that stunned both Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte, albeit for various reasons.

Now in the Nazarene there is fear. Enrico Letta relied too much on Giuseppe Conte, convinced that the people’s advocate had maintained the consensus but as reported by the survey by Alessandra Ghisleri published on The print, the Italians no longer seem to want to give credit to the former Prime Minister Grillino. They no longer have trust in its abilities, so much so that they do not believe it can relaunch the Movement. Only the pentastellati and partly the Democratic Party still believe in him.

At the Nazareno there are many doubts about Conte: “Are we sure you control your party?“. This is the common thought among the leaders of the Democratic Party, collected by Marco Antonellis. One of them explained:”The grillini ministers move in one direction following Di Maio, the parliamentary groups in another shaken by one anarchist drift. Enrico has a lot of courage if he wants to continue to insist on an alliance with them“.

To these doubts, then, are added those of internal drifts, which perhaps concern the upper floors of the Nazarene more. While Enrico Letta was trying to understand how to deal with the question of trust from the point of view of the Giallorossi alliance, the agencies relaunched a tweet from the senator Andrea Marcucci, one of the secretary’s staunchest opponents within the party. “The government is right to want particular speed on justice reform. The majority must know that the text shared in the council of ministers cannot be overturned. The request for trust is the natural and obligatory consequence“, wrote the senator, fully supporting the Draghi line.

Internal discontent is getting stronger and the leaders of the Democratic Party no longer know how to stem the situation: “The position of Marcucci and of the internal opposition is clearly taking shape, they are crushing on Draghi to crush our contradictions with 5 stars“. Enrico Letta’s strategy of clinging to the alliance, as La Stampa also points out, does not seem to pay in terms of consensus. The Democratic Party, as emphasized in the Piedmontese newspaper, has lost almost half a point in a week.

Enrico Letta’s ‘disturbed’ relationship / support at M5S must find a new center of gravity every time and, in the frantic search for a reference axis, he is forced to push his statements in areas that press the citizen to a choice of party with the risk, or the willingness, to always raise the discussion controversy with Salvini and to lose attention from his more moderate“, he points out The print.

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