no vaccine expiration and usual NoVax strategy

no vaccine expiration and usual NoVax strategy
no vaccine expiration and usual NoVax strategy

It will probably accompany us for days the history of EU therapies from October, coming to give an alternative answer to Covid. Those who are feeding the WhatsApp and Facebook chain, partly treated by us too last night with a first article more generic about this story (we had not yet received specific reports on the alleged voice message that we are about to illustrate), they ignore many details. First of all, the fact that there is no provision expiration of vaccines within three months. It is essential to go in order, to avoid further confusion.

Because the audio on EU therapies from October for Covid and vaccine expiration is a mockery

First, the audio message described on social networks tells us about one revelation made in preview by the mysterious National Party Secretary, according to which EU therapies are coming from October to combat Covid. Misleading announcement, because it starts from a truthful basis. As was highlighted by many newspapers at the end of June, progress has actually been made from this point of view, to the point that in the autumn there could be a turning point.

So, no mystery and no “no heaven they say”, the trademark of conspiracy theorists and no vax. The main problem is that these EU therapies available since October, at the moment they have not yet been definitively approved. In addition to not being covered by any secrets, in essence, we have to wait weeks before we understand if they can actually be applied or not.

The other basic misunderstanding triggered by the phantom audio (which, we remember, never represents news, as the content is not verified news), is that EU therapies from October can take the place of vaccines. The expiry of the lots, in fact, in this period is indeed fixed in October, but it only tells us by what date they can be administered.. the next supplies they will therefore have expiration dates further back in time.

Finally, the EU therapies from October, even if approved, they will not be a substitute for Covid vaccines, as these will continue to play a key role in limiting hospitalization and the potential proliferation of other variants of the virus.

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