Mauled by the pit bull: the horrible end in front of the boyfriend

Mauled by the pit bull: the horrible end in front of the boyfriend
Mauled by the pit bull: the horrible end in front of the boyfriend

The 53-year-old Marli Donegá, who died in Brazil, caused a great shock “mauled from a pack of pit bulls“while she was in the company of her boyfriend at his place of work. The unfortunate mother of three was attacked by six dogs, who at the same time inflicted serious injuries also to the victim’s companion, who was saved thanks to a timely hospitalization. The tragedy occurred last weekend in the city of Birigui, in the state of Sao Paulo, in the southwest of the green-gold giant.

According to the latest forensic reconstructions, Marli and her 59-year-old boyfriend would first go for a pizza, as they did every weekend, and then head to the property where the man served as a caretaker. Arrived at the place in question, namely one fattoria, the two would have noticed that the owner’s six pit bulls were roaming freely around the property; at some point, the pack of dogs would attack the woman.

The victim’s boyfriend would have tried to chase away the animals and thus save Marli, but he would have been bitten and wounded too. He would thus have decided to leave the farm in search of help and, after having gone down to the road invoking help, he would have passed out. However, no rescuer arrived in time to save the 53-year-old, tormented by pit bull bites; his lifeless body was later found on the farm by firefighters. As for the boyfriend, he was rushed to hospital, his wounds were treated and he is now out of danger. The victim’s funeral took place yesterday, with her family members who, overwhelmed by grief, continually highlighted that Marli was loved by many citizens for her availability and commitment to initiatives for young people promoted by the local parish.

The police are trying to ascertain all the details of the blood incident and have made it known, for the time being, that the indicted pit bulls will remain in their owner’s custody until the magistrate issues an order of seizure of the beasts.


Mauled pit bull horrible front boyfriend

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