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“They told me in confidence that vaccines expire in October”: how much confusion

“They told me in confidence that vaccines expire in October”: how much confusion
“They told me in confidence that vaccines expire in October”: how much confusion

You have already heard of the mysterious audio of “vaccines expire in October”. We talked about it too. An anonymous character, who qualifies as a sort of “friend of all”, friend of politicians, lawyers, doctors and other illustrious personalities (as famous as anonymous) ready to make him a thousand confidences.

Neglecting that, to say, FNOMCeO categorically prevents doctors and health personnel from disclosing medical information on social media without releasing their personal details, in order to avoid mystifications.

Not to mention that, as anticipated in our previous article, many of the “confidences received” are actually well-known facts, but reread in a very creative way.

Vaccines expire in October

As we got to say, vaccines, like all goods in this world, also have an expiration date.

A “shelf life”. A “To be consumed by”.

There are studies that demonstrate and explain, for example for Pfizer, how long the vaccine can resist in the refrigerator, inserted in the cold chain and extracted and ready for vaccination.

A large part of the lots currently used are to be used by October, which means that the next lots will have expiration dates more distant in time, and nothing else.

After October we will no longer use vaccines, only therapies

The narrator advises to “search on Google”.

A little antithetical to the chain of news on “vaccines expire in October” revealed in confidence by a think tank of elders.

And that only proves two things: that EMA in October it will evaluate the use and effectiveness of certain drugs and, if approved, they will be aids that will not eliminate vaccination.

Exactly as we have not stopped treating the flu because the vaccine exists, and we continue to seek treatments for every disease for which the vaccine exists.

Prevention and treatment have always been two parallel and necessary elements.

Among the drugs arriving there are also monoclonal antibodies, our old knowledge, and “host directed” therapies, which help modulate the immune response allowing the body to survive the crisis of the disease.

“Prevention is better than cure” remains valid from the time of Aesculapius to today.

They solve everything in 24 hours! The intubated will be disintubated!

Let’s not talk about miracles, let’s talk about drugs.

A monoclonal antibody is basically putting new antibodies into a body that has few to speed up the healing process.

Drugs whose testing in Italy is already underway, and whose help is evident, but not miraculous as described. Furthermore, recovery from COVID is not as easy as it is described.

The “Long COVID”, the complex of further damage that COVID leaves the body as a dowry after recovery it is such that it is practically considered a disease in itself.

As for the “miraculous healings of the VIPs” mentioned, at least one of them has passed definitely bad and prolonged moments.

They have been in operation since October 20th

But even earlier, we have already said.

What about hydroxychloroquine?

This is not exactly the case.

Then they will remove the vaccines!

No, they won’t remove the vaccines. Simply, the rolling review of the vaccines we have will continue, the “field trial” that began only a little less a year ago to safely evaluate every element that will emerge from the largest vaccination campaign in modern history.

The news that the vaccines will be removed (and with them the Green Pass, as we will see) is so artificial and falsified that EMA is continuing to evaluate vaccine candidates these days, such as Sanofi-Pasteur’s Vicprevtyn.

Don’t do the Green Pass, so much comes only from a DPCM

If you want to stay out of restaurants and events, go ahead.

We have already talked about the legitimacy of the DPCM in the past, and how they derive full legitimacy from the legal system in which they are based.

We remember, however, that the Green Pass derives legitimacy from an entire system, ranging froml Regulation (EU) 2021/953, articles 32, 117, second paragraph, letters m), q) and r), and 118 of the Constitution and the decree-law 22 April 2021, n. 52. Article 9.

And of which the DPCM proves to be an instrument of coordination, application and reception.

Summarizing from the legalese, we do not see why the same European Union that established the Green Pass should ever come and tell you with a text message on WhatsApp to abstain from it.

The vaccine is not licensed and is optional

Rolling Review means authorization, so it is authorized.

That it is optional is obvious, and there is no need to consult the Grand Council of the Absent.

Those who follow this audio are therefore free to refrain from the use of gyms, from attending public events and dining in the restaurant inside.

Probably in the future he will also have to refrain from the use of transport and from teaching in the presence, if the “nodes” that the Prime Minister spoke of when announcing the law will be resolved.

Ma no one will have imposed anything on him.

Indeed, they are the same waivers that it already did in times of pandemics when there were no vaccines, and it will have to do until the transition from pandemic to endemic.

Get vaccinated by achieving herd immunity? It would make everything easier and faster.

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