Meghan Markle, her father Thomas ready to sue her to see her grandchildren

Meghan Markle, her father Thomas ready to sue her to see her grandchildren
Meghan Markle, her father Thomas ready to sue her to see her grandchildren

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Trouble in sight for Meghan and Prince Harry: it seems that his father Thomas Markle has yet to meet his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, and is ready to take legal action to spend time with them.

“I’ll petition the California courts why I have the right to see my grandchildren in the very near future ”, recently told a Fox News the man. For Thomas Markle, it is also essential that Harry and Meghan’s decisions to move away from the Crown do not fall on their children: “Archie and Lili are small children. They are not political. They are not pawns. They are not part of the game. And they are also real and have the same rights as any other real “.

It seems that in the last few weeks Meghan Markle’s family has been undermining her serenity. Despite the spontaneous removal from Buckingham Palace, in fact, the Dukes continue to be at the center of media battles, precisely the ones they wanted to keep away from.

In a recent interview with the CBS Meghan had spoken of her father: “I am very sorry. I mean, I lost my father. I lost a baby, ”she said, referring to the miscarriage and the wave of pain that had swept through her. “There was such an obsession with everything in my world, including tracking down my parents. And I did everything possible to protect them both in that media frenzy ”.

Meghan’s relationship with her father however, it has never been peaceful, so much so that she didn’t want him at her wedding with Prince Harry. This is because the Duchess had discovered that Thomas collaborated with the tabloids, despite his attempts to curb attention on his private and family sphere. Unlike the mother, Doria Ragland, who has always kept silence with the newspapers: “Everyone has responsibility. They hunted my mother. You’ve never heard her say a word, ”Meghan said. “She has been silent with dignity for four years watching me go through all of this.”

It is not the first time that Thomas Markle he exposes himself on his grandchildren: after the birth of Lilibet, he claimed to have learned of his arrival in the media. “I’m not the tearful type, but I’m hurt. There is a good chance I will never get to see my grandchildren, ”he told 60 Minutes Australia. “No phone calls, I just heard it on the radio.” And then he added: “I haven’t talked to Meghan for two days before they got married.”

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