Santo Giuliano, the ex of Amici: “Cardiac arrest and myocarditis after the first dose of Pfizer. I’m not saying not to get the vaccine, but beware of the symptoms”

The former dancer of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Saint Julian, ended up in hospital with cardiac arrest and myocarditis. The young professional of 33 years, who now works in Dubai, told about her ordeal on Instagram, which began a few days after the first dose of the vaccine Pfizer, received on 15th of July. First the high fever, then on July 19 a “severe pain in the chest”: “I was short of breath – he says – and I got pain in my teeth. So I called an ambulance, they did the electrocardiogram and they saw that the values ​​were all normal. They asked me to go to the hospital for tests but like a fool I said no ”.

So the story continues. Giuliano goes to work, but, not yet in shape, decides on the suggestion of the artistic director to go to the hospital. “They gave me the electrocardiogram and the values ​​were always normal. And when they took my blood, they realized they were a bit high ”. Then other checks and eventually the illness: “I started to feel bad and my heart slowly stopped, until it died – he tells the followers – Then from there I think they injected me with adrenaline and gave me a defibrillator. They took me back and realized that there was inflammation in the muscle of the cure, in the myocardium. This is due to the vaccine “. “Obviously I am not against the vaccine – however, the dancer hastens to say – they told me that I cannot take the second dose”.

Then he concludes: “My testimony is not to tell you not to get the vaccine – he reiterates – This happens once in a million. But we never think it can be us, I didn’t listen to the first symptoms. So if you get the vaccine and feel the first symptoms do not hesitate “.

In another Instagram story, the young man is then seen leaving the hospital where he was hospitalized. To recover, he says, it will take at least three months.

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