Delta variant, the five things to know to avoid contagion

Things to keep in mind about the Delta variant according to Yale Medicine.

The Delta variant represents the new enemy in this pandemic battle from Covid-19, which seems to have no end. In fact, the new variant appears to be in rapid spread, having registered a very high number of infected people in many countries of the world.

The Yale Medicine, the institute headed by the prestigious American University, outlined five points important to keep in mind to defend against the new strain of the virus and avoid getting infected. Here they are in brief.

The first thing to keep in mind is thehigh rate of contagion of the variant: in fact, according to experts, those who contract the virus with the new variant can get to infect, without suitable means of individual protection, between 3.5 and 4 people; unlike the previous average of 2.5.

At greater risk are the young people and no vax: those who have not yet been vaccinated naturally have a much better chance of contracting the virus in any form, but given the virulence of the Delta variant it appears to have a greater impact.

Then it turns out to be important where you live and how many vaccinated people are in your region. This is because the variant tends to “jump” from one poorly vaccinated area to another. If too many people in one area are infected at the same time, the vaccine could be overwhelmed as well.

The study on symptoms of the variant is still open. It seems that cough, loss of taste and smell are less common. Fever, headache, sore throat and runny nose on the other hand, they are much more frequent in subjects who contract the virus in the Delta variant.

Of course, vaccination is the best weapon to counter the spread of this variant as well. According to experts, the most effective vaccines are Pfizer and Modern. Receiving both injections will have to wait for the two week period to be able to see their effectiveness. Also Johnson&Johnson claimed that his vaccine is effective against Delta, with only a small drop in potency in the face of the variant.


Delta variant avoid contagion

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