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GREEN PASS REQUIRED / Three uncomfortable questions on the use of the vaccination pass

GREEN PASS REQUIRED / Three uncomfortable questions on the use of the vaccination pass
GREEN PASS REQUIRED / Three uncomfortable questions on the use of the vaccination pass

While I was looking at my “EU Digital COVID Certificate” of which I had made a color print, the Government announced its mandatory nature for a variety of activities. At that precise moment I asked myself some questions about the green pass.

The first: how will the exhibitors or organizers of an event manage to control (I imagine the Mussel Festival which takes place in a town near where I go on vacation)? They will inevitably have to organize themselves with the VerificationC19 App that our Government has made available. Alternatives do not exist because falsifying the data on the PDF document is definitely a banality. I can imagine how happy they will be with the solution, especially those of the Mussel Festival.

The second: who does not have technological tools, how can he obtain the certificate? At present it can be downloaded after receiving a text message from the Ministry of Health that provides the authorization code, at which point with your health card just connect to the site and download the pdf. There are two problems. On the one hand, there are tens of thousands of elderly people who do not have PCs or smartphones or even internet connections, but we mean that their children, grandchildren or friends are taking care of it. On the other hand, someone may already be on vacation, perhaps in a splendid location forgotten by God and the world, but above all by the Internet (in Italy there are many more than one can imagine). In case it could not download anything.

In such a situation one could imagine that even those who have to do the checks will have their problems. Perhaps, because in reality the VerificationC19 App also works in offline mode. It could therefore be argued that when he needs it he will likely find himself in a place where the blessed connection will be present. Maybe, but he must be a smartphone owner or have brought a notebook or tablet with him.

The third: if someone is in the above conditions, is not yet vaccinated and to do some activities you have to periodically take swabs, how is it regulated? I can imagine that this category will include many very young people who have never been a priority category for the vaccine and with respect to which their parents have not yet activated, so at most the problem concerns a very small minority.

Ultimately, apart from some inconvenience for the exhibitors and a minority of Italians who will suffer a certain limitation of their personal freedoms, it seems that this measure is fair also because we are talking about public health. At this point a fourth question came to mind: shouldn’t the law be the same for everyone? I am still reflecting on the answer, while I look, now with deference, at my “EU Digital COVID Certificate”.

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