illegal method to save on bills

illegal method to save on bills
illegal method to save on bills

Many people take advantage of illegal techniques to save on bills. The one of the modified meters is among the most used, let’s find out how it works

Magnet on the counter (Photo source: web)

Save on bills it is a common and naturally sacrosanct practice. Breaking down this fixed cost is more than normal, but this does not mean that one should indulge in illegal and fraudulent techniques.

Unfortunately, however, there are those who are willing to do so much in order to reach the goal by not caring about the community and above all the consequences to which it can go against. Panning into this world of dishonesty, this is how these people act.

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Modified meters: how it works and what it risks

The best known practice is that of Meter Tampering (translated into Italian means tampering with the meter). Consists in change the operation of the appliance. It is good to reiterate that this is a practice that does not comply with the law and that it can be severely punished.

Doing so causes the counter to read incorrect data and consequently there is a savings on future bills or even a free provision of the service. Few, however, deal with the consequences of this action. In addition to prison sentences and fines, it could cause damage to third parties and cause them to remain without electricity (inadvertently you could also tamper with the neighbors counter) and cause accidents and cause fires.

Being the high voltage operations (which is usually managed by people in the sector) it cannot be ruled out that something may not go in the right direction and have some deleterious repercussions.

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In short, if you see shady movements on the part of your neighbors (especially if you live in a building) you absolutely must not hesitate. Notifying the competent authorities is more a duty than a right in such situations.

On the other hand one electricity or gas company when these dynamics arise it has it all right after notifying the owner of the apartment, the Municipality, the police and rescue groups (who must notify the other residents of the building) to disconnect the supply to the entire building.


illegal method save bills

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