AUGUST will start with BOTTO, then by FERRAGOSTO also a SURPRISE. TREND for the WHOLE MONTH of HOLIDAYS »

Weather: AUGUST will start with BOTTO, then by FERRAGOSTO also a SURPRISE. TREND for the WHOLE MONTH of the HOLIDAYS

Updated forecast for AugustWe are about to enter the heart of summer, or in that period traditionally chosen by Italians for the holidays. Many of you are asking us: “how will the weather be in the coming weeks?” And again: “We will still live by extreme stages like this first half of the season? “.
We anticipate it immediately, the departure will be with a bang. In fact, already from the start, the August promises to be full of surprises and could basically follow a fluctuating climate trend, between storm breaks e hot flames at least until mid-August.

But let’s go in order by analyzing the climate maps, then plotting a complete trend throughout the holiday month.

From the study of European meteorological framework it is evident how between the end of July and the first days of August a will be established large depression area in central northern Europe filled with fresh and unstable air. An anomaly in the field of atmospheric pressure that allows the masses of air of polar origin to slide towards the heart of the continent. Different speech instead in the low latitudes where the notorious African anticyclone it has no intention of backing down and indeed continues to send very hot and humid flushes on the Mediterranean basin.

Italy, and in particular ours northern regions, will be right in the middle of that battlefield, in some sort of “confluence area“where these important meteorological figures interact.

But what does this actually mean? This will result in alternating between heat waves arriving from the heart of Africa (Sahara Desert), with peaks ready to splash well over 38 ° C (up to over 43 ° C), abruptly interrupted by dangerous storm breaks.
Be careful because, as has already happened in recent weeks, the greatest and most dangerous contrasts take place in this confluence sector. In fact, with all this excess heat, the risk of extreme weather events, come hail e storms, which hit restricted areas whenever drafts of fresh air manage to “pierce” the anticyclonic shield. Obviously, to understand exactly where they will hit it will be necessary to wait and carefully follow the next updates as this type of phenomena can only be predicted a few days later, with the distribution that often varies even within a few hours.
That said, from 4/8 as we can see in the map below, it will probably be the North that will be most affected by rains and thunderstorms, being right in that band where diametrically opposite air currents converge and interact.
The latest updates, however, do not exclude a possible involvement of the rest of Italy as well, but only starting from 7/8 August, when the Atlantic currents could be able to further pierce the anticyclonic field. Here, therefore, that by August the temperatures should undergo a drop, returning at least within the seasonal averages over a large part of the country, a real surprise given the suffocating heat that usually characterizes this period.

Then towards the second half of the month, the temperature they are expected to rise again, especially in the Central South and on the two major islands. Slightly different speech in the North, where we will have fewer jolts compared to the reference climatic averages, warm yes then but nothing exaggerated.

Beginning of August at risk of instability and thunderstorms, especially in the North

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