inserted everything, no pickaxes to the government – Il Tempo

inserted everything, no pickaxes to the government – Il Tempo
inserted everything, no pickaxes to the government – Il Tempo

Carlo Solimene

July 24, 2021

I am there. And I will continue to be there until the last day of my mandate. This is the message that the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella explicitly sent to politics on his eightieth birthday and on the eve of the start of the white semester. If someone imagined a head of state now engaged in thinking about the after or “weakened” by a mandate expiring, he must change his mind. Because Mattarella intends to exercise the prerogatives that the Constitution entrusts to him for as long as he can. And this must serve as a warning above all to those who, among the leaders and in Parliament, imagined a sort of imminent recreation in which to pick a government that has remained “orphan” of its pygmalion. There were two gestures with which the tenant of the Colle made this message explicit. First of all the signature affixed to the dl Sostegni bis, accompanied, however, by a reprimand to the Parliament which has inflated the text with 393 additional paragraphs, often nothing short of imaginative.

The Covid emergency, to address which yet another decree was passed, for the President cannot justify derailing from the constitutional dictate. Stop, therefore, to amendments that have little to do with the emergency. Like, the President cites, the one on the “historic trains of the FS Italiane Foundation”. But a more rational and disciplined recourse to the urgent decree is necessary – and here also comes an ear to the executive. A similar request had already been delivered to the presidents of the chambers last September, when practically everything went into the Milleproroghe, but at this moment the recall acquires an even more symbolic value. Mattarella threatens to stop signing such heterogeneous and senseless measures. Other than President waiting for the “retirement”. “As regards my responsibilities – he writes – I will evaluate the eventual recourse to the faculty provided for by article 74 of the Constitution against laws for the conversion of decree-laws characterized by serious anomalies that were submitted to me”.

The second significant gesture is represented by the indications sent to the vice-president of the CSM David Ermini on the opinion to be given to the justice reform of Minister Cartabia. A bill that the self-governing body of the judiciary has in fact already rejected but expressing itself only on the part relating to the reform of the prescription. “The Minister of Justice – explains Ermini – has in fact asked the Superior Council for an opinion on all the government amendments presented in Parliament, and therefore it is necessary that the Council does not fail to express itself on all aspects of the government’s proposal, a circumstance that could assume the meaning of evaluation of reduced importance or implicit consent on all the other issues not dealt with in the opinion on non-prosecution “. President Mattarella therefore, concluded the vice-president of the CSM, considered it appropriate that “the registration of the file on the agenda of the plenum should be postponed, even if only by a few days”. The final opinion will probably be postponed to August, however after the House has voted the first confidence on the reform on 30 July. An assist, however, appreciated by the government. Yet another demonstration that anyone who wants to pick Draghi has not come to terms with the tenant of the Hill.

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