Green Pass, a decree is missing. Here’s how it will start on August 6

Green Pass, a decree is missing. Here’s how it will start on August 6
Green Pass, a decree is missing. Here’s how it will start on August 6

There are numerous areas that in theory from 6 August will require the green pass (connected to a vaccine with at least one dose, recovery from covid or negative buffer).
The decree approved on July 22 makes a long list of activities, but these are not the only ones to consider; the last decree in fact also refers to that of April which provided for further ones.
Only some of the latter are already applicable; for others, guidelines never arrived. Not only that: to add to the confusion, the decree of 22 July refers to a future decree for the green pass verification methods and in the meantime the old paper certificates will be valid.
In short: even if it would not seem from the linearity of the government press release on the green pass decree, there are still many points to be clarified between now and August 6.
Which activities are covered by the green pass obligation? To see where the pass will be needed, one must not limit oneself to the list of the new decree – as reported by all the media – but also add to it the activities that were indicated in the old decree.

For further information / The text of the decree


Where is the green pass needed? Here is the complete list

The first three points are already in the old decree.

• Movements into or out of territories falling within the orange or red zone (even if this obligation has never been applied so far).
• Stay in the waiting rooms of emergency and admission departments and first aid departments by carers of patients not affected by Covid-19.
• Temporary exits for people housed in hospitality and long-term care facilities, assisted healthcare residences, hospices, rehabilitation facilities and residential facilities for the elderly, self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient, residential socio-assistance facilities and other facilities listed in the old decree.
• Special events and live shows. For this point we expect guidelines that define the identification parameters of the events.
• Fairs, conferences and congresses. There was already in the old decree, which referred to guidelines, which are probably now superseded by the new decree which also contemplates these activities.
• Sports competitions (in the old and new decree, the same considerations apply).
• Participation in parties resulting from civil or religious ceremonies, even indoors, also organized through catering and banqueting services. In force with the old decree.
• Travel in Europe and the Schengen area (as is known, already in the old decree, it is the “European” green pass).
• Now we come to the activities present only in the new decree. Gyms, team sports, swimming pools, wellness centers.
• Theaters, museums, cinemas, exhibitions.
• Theme parks, amusement parks, spas.
• Game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls.
• Public competitions.
• Indoor restaurants and bars (but not at the counter where it will remain possible to stay even without the green pass).
• Indoor cultural, social and recreational centers, with the exception of educational centers for children.

All points to be clarified

We therefore await a further Dpcm, having heard the Privacy Guarantor, to define how the controls will be carried out: the operating and data protection methods. It is not known if it will arrive by 6 August, so much so that the current draft provides that “in the process” the paper certificates will be worth. That is, we will not have to show the pass – they would not know how to verify the QR-Code – but the certificate of the swab, vaccine, recovery. As if to say that we do not yet know when and how the green pass will actually be mandatory in Italy. One thing is the certificate called green pass, another are the certificates that entitle it, in fact. “We will have to see how they will resolve the privacy issue; with the paradox that in the meantime there will be paper certificates that protect privacy much less than the digital pass ”, explains the lawyer Riccardo Berti.

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