Olympics, South Korean TV scandal: Italy? A pizza. Then an apology

Olympics, South Korean TV scandal: Italy? A pizza. Then an apology
Olympics, South Korean TV scandal: Italy? A pizza. Then an apology

During the opening ceremony, the Mbc broadcaster gives scandal by “explaining” the Tokyo parade with inadequate photos and captions, amidst conflicts and disasters. Then the apologies, but anger mounts on social media

It is still unclear whether they wanted to be ironic or if the intent was really to help viewers “recognize” the various countries during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. The fact is that the result was only one: to be offensive. And in fact the important South Korean broadcaster, Mbc has already apologized for what happened: the horrible images and captions broadcast.

From pizza … to Chernobyl

To find out what happened we have to rewind the tape to Friday 23 July, the day from the official opening of the Games. As the various expeditions paraded in the Tokyo National Stadium, Mbc television – which broadcast the ceremony in South Korea – added (inappropriate) images and phrases to the live broadcast that could “characterize” the various nations. Commonplaces, but not only: humanitarian tragedies too. To the point that the screenshots of what was aired went around the world on social networks meeting unanimous outrage. Italy ended up in the macro group of gastronomic citations and a pizza appeared on the screen when the Azzurri entered. We were welcomed like that. Along with Japan, pictured with sushi and Norway, a salmon.

The treatment reserved for Ukraine is much more unpleasant, for which Mbc used images of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster by publishing black and white photos of the reactor while the athletes paraded. Having hit rock bottom, the editorial office kept digging. Marshall Islands: “The place where the United States carried out nuclear tests”. Syria: “The country with a civil war that went on for 10 years”. El Salvador: “Bitcoin”. Haiti: “Country with an unstable political situation due to the assassination of its president”.


“They used the first information that came out on Google” is just one of the many ironic comments that have appeared on the internet, but the reality is that the diplomatic incident has come close. And in fact Mbc soon made amends: “We apologize to these countries and to our viewers – reads the note on the TV – for using inappropriate phrases and images”. It will be enough?

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Olympics South Korean scandal Italy pizza apology

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