Giuseppi slips on the subjunctive. Renzi takes it back

Giuseppi slips on the subjunctive. Renzi takes it back
Giuseppi slips on the subjunctive. Renzi takes it back

Sometimes if you reply to everything you risk stepping on deep mud puddles, to put it in the Tuscan way. And Matteo Renzi doesn’t let his political opponents pass one. The target of the moment is Giuseppe Conte and Dagospia (who knows about tares) entitled: «Conte’s conjunctivitis». On Twitter he shoots a 9-second video, in which the professor, during a conference some time ago, speaking of migrants, misses two subjunctives: “We cannot tolerate migrants arriving, even positive ones, and walking around freely”.

On the net, comments are unleashed to which is added that of the other former premier who never misses an opportunity to make fun of him, posting the video on Twitter, and launching a challenge on his e-news (Renzi’s weekly vent): “Conte , almost leader of the Five Stars, attacked me, talking about my contracts worth hundreds of thousands of euros. I could propose a debate on ideas to Conte but I would not like to put him in difficulty (as you can see from this video, the former colleague has ideas and ways of expressing them in line with the Grillina tradition): so I limit myself to asking him for an American comparison. public, on TV, about my contracts. And on his contracts. And about his reports. I say we have fun ».

It is true, subjunctives are a mystery of grammar for many Italians (including politicians), from which it is sometimes difficult to extricate oneself, especially when speaking off the cuff. Renzi’s luck is that, coming from the land of Dante’s language, the subjunctives come out automatically, like almost all Tuscans with a minimum of education. To the Apulian jurist Conte, on the other hand, although he is more educated and prepared than the first (especially in foreign languages), evidently the subject remains more difficult. To be honest it is not that we have heard Conte mistake the subjunctives very often and certainly not thanks to the speeches written by Casalino (also of Apulian origins). So a one-off grammar slip could also be tolerated. But not from Renzi, always ready to turn the knife in the wounds of his enemies.


Giuseppi slips subjunctive Renzi takes

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