“I was confused, I don’t remember.” And a super witness appears – Corriere.it

“I was confused, I don’t remember.” And a super witness appears – Corriere.it
“I was confused, I don’t remember.” And a super witness appears – Corriere.it

The official version adds nothing, indeed perhaps it removes, because as there is still a video on the shooting phase, the words of Massimo Adriatici recorded in front of the investigating judge (“I was confused, I don’t remember those moments”) leave the mysteries of ballistic dynamics suspended, and therefore on the actions and any responsibilities. At 10.30 pm on Tuesday in Piazza Meardi, outside the “Ligure” bar, 39-year-old Youns El Boussettaoui, a Moroccan citizen, was fatally wounded by a bullet exploded from the pistol of the Northern League councilor for security. A pistol with the shot in the barrel and without safety being that Adriatici’s habit in the evening patrols as a “sheriff”, a reputation in which the person concerned “does not recognize himself”, reaffirmed the lawyer Gabriele Pipicelli, who hopes for the cessation of house arrest for the client.

If that evening was Adriatici’s last outing with the beloved caliber 22, as they tell the Courier service sources of the Municipality of Voghera the Prefecture intends not to renew the firearms permit, in over two hours of questions from the investigating judge Maria Cristina Lapi, who will rule on the accusation today (culpable excess of self-defense) and precisely on the measure (the obligation not to leave the apartment in the center), Adriatici, in shirt, jacket and earthy face, excluded any charge.

He had not gone to Piazza Meardi to “target” the immigrant, had no unfinished business and vendettas to settle, did not cultivate the slightest intention of assassinating him, yet this would not have been the case according to a discovery by the combative pool of defense lawyers: an unpublished witness affirms the exact opposite, namely that Adriatici took aim and fired. A murderous action. Additional element in the judge’s evaluation, who in fact took all the time available until the last minute, confirming the technical delicacy of the case, without mentioning its exasperated political drift.

In an opposition and in a narrative that pretends not to see, and indeed alters, the news data assembled up to now by the investigators to crystallize the scenario. Random: Adriatici stood as guardian of order pretending to advise policemen and carabinieri what to do; outside the “Ligure” bar, instead of calling 112 like any ordinary citizen, he phoned a station worker at the police station; from the pistol with the shot in the barrel and without safety we have said, and the fact that that caliber is small, often non-lethal, is a justification that does not hold; as for El Boussettaoui, he was a pluri-prejudiced who had rejected two orders to leave Italy, he had mental problems and dramatic existential difficulties, he harassed passersby by masturbating and urinating in public places; finally, and the results of the toxicological tests will tell or not, forse was weakened and impaired by alcohol or drugs, and not being armed he posed no threat. Or maybe on the contrary yes, and very much, starting with violence of the open hand strike against Adriatici after the latter had drawn his gun to convince him (but in what capacity?) to calm down: in the phases following the arrest for voluntary murder, he had fainted. Transferred in turn to the emergency room, the doctors had found the heavy wound from the blow received.

Often, the leaders of the police had warned the mayor Laura Garlaschelli of the dangers represented by her councilor, of those patrols, of the conviction of having to govern Voghera alone, of the claim to transform the town into a battle even against the tramps, whom he wanted to dislodge, but she hadn’t wanted or been able to take away his position which included, in addition to Security, the local police and the Immigration Observatory. Immigrant the dead, immigrants i witnesses agree in the version except the latter tracked down by the Moroccan family’s lawyers. A rumor that could change the story of an investigation in which the prosecutor ruled out the murder and confirmed the decision, with the warning to the investigating judge of the risk of a recurrence of Adriatici.

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