POLL – Are you in favor of the green pass for school staff and pupils aged 12 and over?

Photo: Corriere della Sera

For i public competitions, including the school competition, will serve the green pass. It means that candidates will have to certify the fact at the entrance vaccination or a swab negative in the previous 48 hours; or to have contracted the Covid in the last 6 months. For entry to the classroom however, still no precise provision.

However – warns the Prime Minister Mario Draghi – the school will be discussed in the coming weeks. The green pass could become the tool capable of selecting who has the right to access and who is not in the classrooms. To protect the return to school safely and for avoid the possible use of the DDA which lately, following the Invalsi tests, has made its criticalities even more evident.

About this topic The School Technique questions its readers to evaluate whether the hypothesis of green certification for school staff and pupils aged 12 and over is well accepted or not by the school world and by families. In short, whoever sets foot in a school must testify, as in any other crowded environment, that they do not have a viral load such as to infect others?

What will you find in the survey?

What’s your role?

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  • teacher
  • Students
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  • Parent

Where are you currently located?

What grade of school are you involved in?

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Are you in favor of the green pass for students aged 12 and over and school staff, for entry to school?

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