Municipal elections in Turin, Italy Viva breaks the delay: “Let’s support Lo Russo”

Italia Viva hesitated for a long time, but in the end it decided: in the next municipal elections in Turin the party founded by Matteo Renzi will support the center-left candidate Stefano Lo Russo.

Elections in Turin, the Greens break with Lo Russo and go with the 5 Stars

at Diego Longhin

July 18, 2021

“After a long and in-depth discussion with the other political forces and with our district coordinators, Italia Viva has decided to support the center-left candidate Stefano Lo Russo in Turin”, announce the regional coordinators of IV, Silvia Fregolent and Mauro Marino. Who describe the Pd exponent as “a capable figure, who already knows the municipal administrative machinery, who has refused alliances with the sovereign and populist forces and who immediately requested and obtained discontinuity with the M5S”.

In the next few days, the two Renzians announce, “we will hold a press conference with Lo Russo to present the candidates of Italia Viva”.

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