The Delta variant dominates in Europe: cases are also flying in Italy, alarm in Spain

The Delta variant dominates in Europe: cases are also flying in Italy, alarm in Spain
The Delta variant dominates in Europe: cases are also flying in Italy, alarm in Spain

The Delta variant continues to spread around the world and it is the dominant strain in Europe. To certify it are the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc) and the World Health Organization (WHO), launching a new appeal to be vaccinated and confirming fears that have become increasingly concrete in the face of the surge in contagions that goes been going on for weeks. Starting with Spain, where in 7 days the employment of intensive care units increased from 9.18% to 13.52%, while that in the general departments from 3.91% to 6.37%. Even in Italy, cases are on the rise and the Delta variant is the most widespread: only yesterday there were 5,143 new cases, an increase of 86 units.

The Delta pushes countries to run for cover, and Brussels also moves, announcing the first meeting of the EU group of experts on variants that will work to propose possible countermeasures. Delta’s race also continues in the rest of the world, such as in Sydney, where the infections have become a “national emergency” after the lockdown has so far failed to stop its advance. With New Zealand blocking the ‘travel bubble’ with the country. Meanwhile, Indonesia continues to grind dramatic records, with 1,566 deaths from Covid in 24 hours, while the Philippines has ordered a new lockdown for the country’s millions of children.

The European trend seems to confirm the WHO forecast that the number of infected people in the world will reach 200 million in the next three weeks due to the new variants. “Based on current trends, the Delta variant will be the dominant strain globally in the coming months and has already been identified in almost all European countries,” WHO Europe and ECDC stressed today. While the United Kingdom records a decline in infections for the third consecutive day, today just over 36 thousand, in Belgium, between 13 and 19 July there was an increase in infections detected (+ 19%) and hospitalizations in hospital (+ 31%).

France yesterday recorded over 21,000 infections, while Germany has experienced a rapid surge in cases in recent weeks, and has included Spain and the Netherlands among the areas with high coronavirus incidence: unvaccinated or unhealed travelers arriving from those countries they will have to remain in quarantine. And in Spain, the fifth great wave of the pandemic lashes the region of Madrid, where infections have risen by 82% in the last week, with over 90% of new cases caused by Delta.

Most of the infections are among young people, but the region has not announced new measures for the moment, unlike the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and now also Navarre and Galicia, which have closed again due to the increase in positives. with curfew. “Delta variant infections are on the rise across Europe, and the new variant expert group will help us better identify them and guide us in our work to develop countermeasures. I await their recommendations,” said EU Health Commissioner Stella. Kyriakides announcing the first meeting of the EU group of experts on variants, called to give opinions on the classification of new strains and on the possible need to adapt existing vaccines.

The Group will also propose selection criteria for a list of 10 promising treatments against Covid-19. The hope is all placed in vaccines, as highlighted by WHO and ECDC, which urged priority groups, such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases and health professionals, to do the complete immunization cycle. “The data clearly show that receiving a full complement of vaccinations significantly reduces the risk of serious illness and death,” said Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Europe regional director. “When called upon to do so, people should get vaccinated.”

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