Honda Civic Typer R 2022, same aggressive look – Auto World

Honda Civic Typer R 2022, same aggressive look – Auto World
Honda Civic Typer R 2022, same aggressive look – Auto World

The development of the eleventh generation of Honda Civic, with the famous Japanese sedan that will once again have its most extreme declination, la Type R. This version has been pinched by photographers, with new spy images showing the prototype of the fastback variant based on the very latest Civic that debuted a few weeks ago.

The latest forklifts identified on the road are different from those spied in January 2021, with the main difference being the presence of the three round tailpipes, characteristic of the model currently on the road. The same configuration will presumably be used in the final production model, with a larger tailpipe in the center. The exclusive look of the Type R It will also include wider front and rear fenders, redesigned bumpers and a large rear spoiler. The latter will be the protagonist of an evolution compared to the one known on the last generation with a thinner profile, similar height and a couple of differently designed supports that could be adjustable.

Honda Civic Typer R Limited Edition, test drive a Vallelunga

The new generation Civic Type R will retain the front-wheel drive layout with 6-speed manual transmission and limited-slip differential. According to the latest rumors it will also be the latest non-hybrid Honda model, equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine capable of delivering at least 310 hp (-10 hp) and 400 Nm of maximum torque, in line with the current model. Technical specifications that should allow it to maintain the record as the fastest sportswoman on the track and on the road. The new generation will benefit from a stiffer chassis and a new suspension configuration. Driving dynamics of Honda Civic Type R are the flagship of the Japanese car manufacturer and it is easy to think that the brand of the Rising Sun wants to keep the sensations intact for those who get behind the wheel. There should also be news for the braking system, with electronically controlled active suspension and a limited slip differential in the front axle.


Honda Civic Typer aggressive Auto World

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