«We want two new stadiums in Rome. Lotito at work for the Flaminio “

«We want two new stadiums in Rome. Lotito at work for the Flaminio “
«We want two new stadiums in Rome. Lotito at work for the Flaminio “

The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi spoke in the columns of the Corriere dello Sport about the projects for the stadiums of Lazio and Rome

The club-owned stadium is now a topic that is becoming increasingly popular in the capital’s environment. Of the plants for Lazio e Romain fact, the mayor also wanted to speak again Virginia Raggi, interviewed by Corriere dello Sport. Here are his statements on the work of the biancoceleste club.

ON THE STADIUMS OF LAZIO AND ROME – «Will Roma have their own stadium? Not only them, but also Lazio. This is the goal, more than a promise for the good of the city. The optimism this time is motivated even if it would not be serious to set the times for the opening of construction sites: it is too early to indicate a roadmap».

ABOUT FLAMINIUM – «Lotito is very interested. I know that in recent weeks he has been carrying out inspections and finalizing his assessments. As for us, we have launched a study to renovate the Flaminio. But there are constraints to be respected, the structure is very valuable but it is particular. We will see if it will be possible to adapt it to the needs of a modern stadium. For Flaminio, however, I was only asked for information from Lazio».

SU SARRI E MOURINHO – «With them it will be a spectacular Derby. I take this opportunity to send good luck to both teams for the new season. If two such good coaches have chosen Roma and Lazio, it is excellent news for the city. Two big shots can attract the interest of potential investors in the area».

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