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An incredible fact involved the well-known presenter Flavio Insinna: that’s the whole story

Flavio Insinna it has been entertaining the Italian public with its Rai broadcasts for several years now. Since 2018 he is the leading conductor of L’eredità. Before him, Amadeus, Carlo Conti and the unforgettable Fabrizio Frizzi preceded him.

Recently relaunched a reboot de Lunch is served, the hugely popular quiz show that Corrado conducted in the 1980s.

The conductor has shown that he is also very talented in the role of actor. When he was very young, in fact, he attended an acting school and, over the years, he worked on several films for cinema and TV.

Lately, one unpleasant event got him involved. That’s what it is.

Flavio Insinna, the scandal that hit him

Flavio Insinna is certainly a 360-degree artist. He has shown not only to be very good at holding the reins of a broadcast, but also to be a good actor, a good radio speaker and also a decent one. Writer. In fact, between 2012 and 2014 he published two books for Mondadori, an autobiography and a novel.

He proved to be a person too generous. In 2015 he donated his boat to help rescue migrants in the Aegean Sea and continued to support this cause with large donations.

Despite his professionalism and these philanthropic actions, one scandal hit the juror of The Masked Singer. Here is the whole truth.

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Some time ago Massimo Cannoletta, today an influencer and scientific popularizer, won the Legacy. After giving the last correct answer, the competitor won a victory worth 200 thousand euros. The reporter was the star of the quiz show for over two months and was so good that he eventually made a mistake on purpose to leave. However, as he told Fanpage, the man has not yet received the money he won. “I have not yet received the sum, the procedure for the delivery of the prize pool has begun, but not completed. I have not bought anything and I have not changed my habits“. His dream, however, is to buy a new house.

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