Vaccine for under 18 and pregnant: why it is important, opinion

Vaccine for under 18 and pregnant: why it is important, opinion
Vaccine for under 18 and pregnant: why it is important, opinion

Vaccine for all and obligatory? The question is the most debated in this very hot pandemic summer.

Although the immunization campaign is progressing at full speed, the Delta variant it’s bringing back black clouds on the horizon. Getting as many people vaccinated as possible is the only way out for the experts, even if this view is clashing with different political positions.

After the announcement of the Draghi government on green pass mandatory from 6 August for some activities, the debate has heated up: vaccinating everyone and immediately?

Because it is important vaccinating children and pregnant women according to the expert.

Why vaccinate under 18s?

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, answered clearly on theefficacy of vaccines also for special categories.

First of all, the expert highlighted how, at this moment, Italy is experiencing a double epidemic: the one that runs among the unvaccinated and the other widespread among those who are immunized. While the former is in effect a life-threatening infection, the latter looks like a flu, with milder symptoms.

What to deduce? Certainly vaccines are important. And Remuzzi reiterated that the under 18 they must be immunized.

In the aftermath of the Ema vaccine recommendation Modern for 12-16 year olds, the institute director went further, explaining that i mRna vaccines they proved to be functional even in boys. And, in particular:

“The cases of myocarditis and pericarditis (4 out of 100 thousand vaccinated) resolve spontaneously within a few days and there is no risk of complications. In reverse, Covid in children it can cause, although very rarely, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which requires intensive care and can cause undesirable effects even after some time “

One more reason, therefore, to think about the immunization of adolescents.

Immunizing pregnant women is important

Another category to consider for the vaccine is that of pregnant women.

Again, Remuzzi was clear: immunizing them has more benefits than risks, since “They have a reduced lung capacity due to the pressure exerted by the uterus and therefore risk a more serious disease (with twice the probability of having to resort to assisted ventilation than other women).”

And then, “In pregnant women the immune system is weakened. Even when breastfeeding the vaccine is recommended: there are antibodies in the breast milk that pass to the baby, even if we do not yet know how much they protect it.

Vaccination is essential for experts, Remuzzi also specified. Under 18 and pregnant women they will be more protected if immunized according to the scholar.

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